Fostering creativity since 1933 – Sydney Eisteddfod offers performance opportunities to everyone that enters, creating a richer and more vibrant culture, so that we all can dream, perform, achieve and inspire


The Festival

Regarded as one of the largest and most successful competitive performing arts festivals of its type in the world, Sydney Eisteddfod is a cultural organisation that has been encouraging aspiring performers of all ages and types in the pursuit of excellence for almost nine decades. Its program includes a range of classical and contemporary events for singers, dancers, actors, musicians, bands, choirs, and orchestras. Since its beginning in 1933, over 2.5 million entrants have performed on the Sydney Eisteddfod stages, competing for leisure, cash prizes or scholarships for future study. It now attracts over 35,000 entrants, who perform to an audience of over 170,000 people.

Over $400,000 worth of scholarships and prizes to be won!

The Eisteddfod offers a chance to build confidence and skills through performing to an audience and provides helpful notes from expert adjudicators. Whether you can sing, dance, act, recite or play an instrument, it’s a unique opportunity to meet others in the same field and compare performances. Many people take part for personal satisfaction and enjoyment, while aspiring professionals attempt to win cash prizes and scholarships to help fund further study. Whether for fun or financial reward, performing in public helps them develop the confidence they will need to succeed on whatever path they follow in future.

Sydney Eisteddfod will be held at various venues across the Sydney Metropolitan area from May through to October. You can find a full list of Sydney Eisteddfod events in the What’s On Section of the website.

There are more than 350 events and 7 major categories, including: Choirs, Classical Singing, Contemporary Singing, Dance, Instrumental, Piano and Speech & Drama.

Anyone! While our events are subject to individual guidelines, they cover all ages, and are open to entrants from anywhere across the country!

It’s all about giving it a go and having fun, so if you think you are good enough then you are. If you are still unsure, ask someone who has entered. There are forums and blogs on the internet where people post their experiences.

The Organisation

Sydney Eisteddfod presents its annual festival with the help of arts and education professionals. An independent community-based organisation, Sydney Eisteddfod is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. As a registered charity in NSW, it is listed on the federal Register of Cultural Organisations eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.

Sydney Eisteddfod operates with a small staff who, with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers, work tirelessly throughout the year to bring the annual competition to life. As Sydney Eisteddfod receives no state or federal government funding, it relies on the financial generosity and support it receives from private and corporate citizens.

To learn more about Sydney Eisteddfod, please check out our About Us page.

Sydney Eisteddfod is a separate entity and has no direct affiliation with the Government. It receives no government funding – state or federal.

Sydney Eisteddfod is a not for-profit organisation that relies on financial support from sponsors and donations to stage the Sydney Eisteddfod Festival.

Giving to Sydney Eisteddfod

Sydney Eisteddfod is a registered charity and is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) organisation therefore all donations over $2 are tax deductible in line with the ATO guidelines. All gifts are greatly appreciated and assist us in achieving our mission.

We have several options on the Donate Now page as to where you can direct your donation. If you would like to make significant gift or support a particular event or project, please call Liz on 02 92618366 or email [email protected]

Yes! Sydney Eisteddfod was founded in 1933 and has been operating for 91 years. Bequests play an important role in the ongoing success and financial viability of the organisation and create life changing opportunities for generations of young artists for years to come. They are also an opportunity for supporters to continue their association with us for generations to come.

Sydney Eisteddfod is honoured to be entrusted with our donors last gift and promises to abide by their final wishes to realise their legacy and ensure their gift is used in the most effective way. All bequests are carefully invested and managed by our Investment Committee to preserve and grow the capital whilst still realising the purpose of the gift for years to come. For more information visit our Support Us page on Gifts- in Wills where you will also find suggested wording for including a gift to Sydney Eisteddfod in your Will. Please contact Liz at [email protected] to discuss gifts with a designated purpose to ensure we can honour your future wishes. We will respect your privacy and all discussions are in-confidence.

Yes! We welcome named prizes and scholarships for our events as can be seen on our website. Please discuss with [email protected] to find the appropriate event and acknowledgement to match your intended gift.


Yes! Tickets to all of Sydney Eisteddfod events are available via our website from 1 May. Check out the What’s On listing.

For entrants, a benefit of participation is to watch and learn from the performances of others, and to take full advantage of this unique opportunity, as well as to give encouragement and support to other entrants. Entrants must show their Appearance Advice in order to gain free admission to their own event only. Otherwise, admission charges will apply if watching other events.

Pension, Seniors & Student card holders can purchase tickets at concession prices (ID must be shown).

Child/Youth prices apply for all patrons 18 years & under. ID may be requested by a Sydney Eisteddfod staff member.

Entrants are able to gain free admission to watch their event by presenting their Appearance Advice.

Sydney Eisteddfod believes that one of the great benefits of participation in the festival is the opportunity to watch and learn from the performances of others. We encourage all entrants to take full advantage of this unique opportunity, as well as to give encouragement and support to their peers.

Please note that admission charges will apply if watching events other than those an entrant is entered in.


Entries received after Monday 1 April 2024 will incur a late fee. Please refer to General Rules & Conditions Item 5.

Late entries are only accepted, subject to our timetable, until three days prior to the event, without obligation. Many events will have closed for entry before this date, upon reaching capacity.

Entrant age is calculated as of the 31 December 2024. In other words, the age you turn in the current year.

It’s easy – visit our Enter an Event page and follow the prompts!

You should receive an email confirming your registration for an event, which will include instructions on finalising your entry and payment.

Be sure to check your Junk and Spam folders, as this is an automated email.

Unfortunately, entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.

YOUR ENTRY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT: After your entry has been processed, we will send a receipt to the email address provided on in the Entry Portal confirming the events entered and the fees paid.

Please check the details carefully and notify us immediately of any errors, including spelling of names, etc.

Please ensure that our emails are not blocked by your spam filters.

YOUR APPEARANCE ADVICE: Once final timetabling has been completed, an Appearance Advice will be emailed to the address on your entry form, confirming the event date, session time, venue and your entrant number.

This document (printed or in electronic format on your phone or tablet) should be brought to all events, to be used as identification, if requested.

The Appearance Advice will also list the running order of your event. To see other event times, visit the What’s On page on our website.

STAYING UP TO DATE: Any changes and updates will be made via your Account Dashboard so be sure to keep your contact details up to date and check back in periodically.

No – our eProgram is available to download free of charge.

At The Event

Any event attracting a large number of entries may be divided over a number of sessions or days, and a Final may also be held.

Events are held daily in the morning, afternoon and evening. Where possible, we have provided a tentative date for each event, based on our statistics over the last three years. These dates have been carefully compiled and are believed to be correct at the time of publication – any error or omission is regretted. However, we reserve the right to make changes if necessary. Please check our website: for regular updates.

Random entrant numbers are generated by our system and entrants must perform in this program order except in circumstances approved in advance by Sydney Eisteddfod. Program order will be emailed to entrants and will show on their entrant portal.

*Please note that the order shown on the website is alphabetical and this does not reflect the performance order. Entrants’ appearance advice will be accurate.

Your Appearance Advice will denote the starting time for the event, and an Estimated Performance Time (EPT). Entrants are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the event start time, to complete the registration process.

Please note that the EPT is subject to change and will be updated on your Account Dashboard.

Unfortunately, if you arrive late and do not register prior to the event commencing then you will not be eligible for any prizes. You may perform at the end of your division for a ‘comments only’ report.

Please always ask for the Session Manager and register at their table at least 15 minutes before the start of your session or EST time (Estimated Starting Time).

In general, all entrants will be called from the auditorium to the stage, including choirs and instrumental groups. Separate ‘warm-up’ areas may not be available. Groups will be sent specific instructions.

Please send an email to [email protected] with your name, event and entrants, and a digital copy will be sent to you.

Please allow up to 10 working days to receive your report

You can look up the results on our website – please allow up to 5 working days for these to be published.

Your Performance

The performance duration listed for each event must be adhered to. Time limits are strictly enforced and if you are over/under time you will receive “comments only” on your report, with no marks awarded or eligibility for a prize.

Cuts are allowed to enable the item to fit within specified time limits. Where a printed score is submitted, for the adjudicator, please ensure the cuts are marked.

All performances are acoustic (non-amplified) except where the use of microphones and amplification is clearly specified. Please see the General Rules & Conditions for more information.

Only piano is to be used for accompaniment except in dance or other events where recorded or other instrumental backing is expressly allowed.

If an official accompanist is provided for your event, there will be no charge on the day of your performance. Official accompanists can be contacted for rehearsal prior to your event, using the contact details posted on our website. Meeting with an official accompanist outside of an event will be at your own negotiated cost.

Entrants must provide a copy of their music to the accompanist at least three weeks prior to their performance date – official accompanists may refuse to perform with an entrant who fails to submit music in a timely manner. Accompanists are not obligated to play poorly presented, difficult or illegible music at sight.

Prizes & Feedback

Following adjudication, written reports are available for every entrant. Please note that reports are not written for Finals.

Dependent on the age-range of the event, place getting will receive a commemorative certificate or medal, while groups will receive a shield.

Certificates are also presented to Highly Commended performers and Finalists.

Prize money is payable via EFT. Those applicable are requested to supply their bank details no later than one month after winning a prize.

More information on this process will be given to the recipient at the conclusion of the event. If you do not receive this information, please email [email protected] to follow up.

Prizes need to be finalised no later than 30 October 2023 or may be forfeited.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional shields or medals – however digital copies of the certificate can be downloaded off the entrant portal.

*Please note that certificates will only be available on the entrant portal of the person who submitted the performers original entry. Certificates will be available following the conclusion of the event, please allow up to 5 working days.

Photos & Publicity

Legal requirements prohibit private use of cameras or recording devices at Sydney Eisteddfod venues and events.

Professional photos taken during the events are available from Sydney Eisteddfod’s official photographers: BWP.

Sydney Eisteddfod takes pride in your achievements and will always be happy to celebrate your success. All past and present entrants are part of the Sydney Eisteddfod family, so if you have been chosen to play the lead in your school musical or are making your debut at Covent Garden, email your news to: [email protected]

Performance opportunities with other organisations or in the interest of Sydney Eisteddfod may arise from time to time – another reason you should keep us informed of any changes to your contact details!

If you are interested in participating in promotional activities, activations or photo opportunities, to help raise awareness about Sydney Eisteddfod, please contact [email protected].

Sydney Eisteddfod Home

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which our work and events take place. We celebrate and applaud the long, rich history of storytelling in song, dance, and voice. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. We contribute to this continuity – developing and sharing our combined cultural journey through our activities on these lands where sovereignty was never ceded.