Sydney Eisteddfod

Winners of the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Raffle


Congratulations to the following winners who supported the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Raffle and were lucky enough to receive one of the fabulous prizes on offer. The contribution made by all who entered is greatly appreciated.  

Winners announced at The John Allison & Sydney Eisteddfod Piano Scholarship Final:

- Hetty Cislowski: Double Pass to Musica Viva's 2017 International Concert Series, Sydney 

 Winners announced at The Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship Final:

-  Jak Kennedy: Double Pass to a performance in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra 2017 Season. 

- Rosemary Bloom: Double Pass to Australian Brandenburg Orchestra's Haydn, Mozart & Friends Series.

- Cathy Fraser: Double Pass to a performance during the Sydney Summer Opera Season 2018. 

Winners announced at the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship Final: 

- Juliana McElligot: Double Pass to the Hayes Theatre Co's 'Assassins'

- Elize Poliunick: Double  Pass to Sydney Dance Company's '2 One Another'

Winners announced at the nsw drs orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod instrumental Scholarship Final: 

 - Brian Long: Double pass to Australian Brandenburg Orcestra's 'Haydn, Mozart & Friends Series'

- Margaret Shearman: Double pass to Sydney Contemporary 

- Mal Thompson: Double pass to the Australian Chamber Orchestra's Sydney Matinee Performance

Winners announced at the sydney eisteddfod junior & senior Singer of the year finals:

- Tim Collins: A double pass to Griffin Theatre Company's Diving for Pearls

- Andy Caryofyllis: A double pass to Sydney Theatre Company's Muriel's Wedding the Musical

- Ken Li: A double pass to Hayes Theatre Co.'s High Fidelity 

winners announced at Sydney Eisteddfod McDonald's Dance of Champions:

- Aude Vignelles: A double pass to Belvoir's GHOSTS

- Bev Carvana: A double pass to Griffin Theatre Company's Diving for Pearls

- Maddie Beaumont: A double pass to Ensemble Theatre Co.'s Buyer and Cellar


- Wendy Blacklock: A double pass to Australian Haydn Ensemble's Beethoven's Emperor 

- Katee McFadzen: A double pass to Australia Haydn Ensemble's CPE Bach, Mozart & Haydn 

- Judith Tyson: A double pass to Sydney Symphony Orchestra 

- Annette Rose: A double pass to Australian Chamber Orchestra