2020 VirtualDanceArticle

What's Happening in the Dance Virtual World!


Published: 14/04/2020 10:00am

As the dance world progresses through these uncertain times, the general response has been overwhelmingly positive by everyone in the community. Regardless of size or influence, dance schools, dance companies and even dancewear providers have been going above and beyond to provide virtual content and opportunities for dance lovers globally. 

Due to the infinite number of virtual opportunities out there right now, we are sure many of you might be feeling overwhelmed about where to start searching. 

We have broken down for you, some virtual dance possibilities that we think are fantastic to help make this step easier for you, as we know life right now is stressful enough!


If you are even remotely involved in the dance community, you would know that practically every dance school is partaking in an online dance movement.

Dance schoolbig and small, including the likes of The Conlan College, Atlier AustraliaSeaforth Dance AcademyTanya Pearson AcademyGlenbrook Ballet and so many more are providing engaging lessons through their live classes with students via platforms such as zoom.  

2020 ConlanCollegeVirtualFINAL

Photo: Students from the Conlan College attending their classes via the schools new online platform during lockdown. 

In addition to virtual dance classes with local dance schools, there has been a surge in virtual content from all ends of the globe, bringing cultural dances to one's lounge room. 

If you are thinking about trying something different or out of your comfort zone, there has never been a better time than now, when you can learn, make mistakes and push yourself all in the comfort of your own home.  

So, in a time where it feels like there is nowhere to go, look no further! The below opportunities will give you a taste of culture and transport you to somewhere else entirely. 

Heard of GAGA Classes?  

GAGA classes offer a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere. 

The creator of the GAGA movement language is Ohad Naharin, an Israeli contemporary dancer and photographer who brings his cultural experience to the dance style.  Take part in this wonderful experience any time, as GAGA are live sharing 8 classes per day, 7 days a week from Tel Aviv and New York City! 

Want to try Latin Dancing? 

At Latin Dance Australiathose who attend their virtual classes draw inspiration from the diversity of all involved, with every single person adding something extra to their friendly environment.  

Enjoy live classes 7 days a week, challenges, workouts, virtual parties and more for as little as $25 a week! 

What’s Going on at Sydney Dance Company? 

The world has changed and so have our friends at Sydney Dance Company. They have launched their first ever virtual studio with dance classes to keep Australian’s moving, their spirits up and their minds at ease. 

The wait is over! Dance like no one is watching in your home, garden or office with your Sydney Dance Company community. For absolute beginners to experienced dancers, there’s Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pilates and more! 

Find out everything you need to know HERE  

SDC VirtualStudio

What else is out there? 

Bloch Australia is also streaming Ballet classes on IGTV via their Instagram pageEach class involves a new special guest from the dance world who teaches the audience. The best part about these is that they are free!  

Follow @blochau for more information! 

What about Dance Entertainment?

If you are looking for something dance based which requires a little less action but is hugely entertaining, then look no further than the Australian Ballet.  

The Australian Ballet has launched its 2020 Digital Season which kicked off last week with McAllister’s world premiere of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ which is a true must see! 

The best part, all of these are free for anyone to watch!  

In addition, the Australian Ballet have also launched their online ballet classes for people to enjoy and learn from!


We hope this helps everyone!

Stay safe and keep shining your light and dancing through it all!

We can't wait to come back with Sydney Eisteddfod 2021, bigger than ever next year.