Tyla Steinbach 2016

Tyla Steinbach on stage in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship Final. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Tyla Steinbach lands role as Apprentice at San Francisco Ballet


Published: 23/08/2019 12:00pm

Tyla Steinbach, finalist in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship has been offered a contract as an Apprentice with the San Francisco Ballet Company.

Tyla has been training with the San Francisco Ballet since 2017 after she received a scholarship from the Prix de Lausanne. At the conclusion of one year of Level 8 training, she was made a Trainee at the San Francisco Ballet School.

“This was a huge privilege as the Trainee program consists of six girls and six boys. Last year was one of my favourite years I’ve had and being able to work with Patrick Armand the Director of the School every day was incredible. During my year as a Trainee we did many performances around San Francisco as well as going on tour to Philadelphia, Charlotte and New York where I performed at the Lincoln Centre for the Youth America Grand Prix Schools Gala." 

Tyla says the most valuable thing she learnt in her years at San Francisco Ballet School as a Level 8 and a Trainee is, “this time in a ballet career is so precious and you have to trust yourself and the work you are doing as really, that is all you can control”.

She expanded upon her styles of movement from working with different choreographers as well as her peers.

“San Francisco Ballet School has such a focus on making us versatile dancers and I feel very fortunate to have had opportunities to work on different styles of dance as nowadays this is very important.”

Tyla says she “cannot begin to express how excited and privileged” she feels to have the opportunity to work with a company like San Francisco Ballet.

“After my first rehearsal in the Company during my first year at the school I knew straight away that this was the company I wanted to dance in. The calibre of dancers in the company is so high and I love that the company has such a versatile and exciting repertoire. I’m looking forward to working with all the dancers and being a part of such a world-renowned company.”

She is looking forward to performing on stage in the corps de ballet this season.

“This season the repertoire is very exciting as the Company is performing some of the ballet world’s classics as well as some premiering new pieces…I’m also looking forward to the new challenge of being a part of a Company as I know this first part in a dancers career is very different from being in a school and can be a huge adjustment.”

Tyla began her new role with the Company in July 2019 and says it still hasn’t quite sunk in that she is now a company member. Tyla says in the first few weeks of this new position, “I am loving it and we have started rehearsals for the Ballet Jewels which is a lot of fun. I’m excited for what’s to come as the season progresses”.

At the beginning of her career, Tyla hopes to seize as many opportunities as possible during her time with the Company.

“I am very excited to have finished my ballet training and to be in a Company like San Francisco Ballet. I hope this year will be filled with many happy and special memories.”

To those performing in the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship Final, Tyla says to soak up the whole experience.

“I think too often we can get caught up in wanting to be the best or be better than other people, but most times judges are looking for someone who has something special about them. If you think of this competition as an experience to get on stage and show the audience what you have worked on for so long and how much you are enjoying yourself, this will really show through in your performance and can make a huge difference."

"I remember performing in the Ballet Scholarship like it was yesterday and can’t thank Sydney Eisteddfod enough for making such a wonderful competition that provides so much opportunity and for making it a truly memorable experience.”