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Aussie trumpeter Jade Park performs in New York, New York!


Published: 20/01/2020 8:30am

At just 12-years-old, Trumpeter Jade Park has already made some incredible ground in the world of music, winning music scholarships and competition awards across the globe!

One of Jade's most incredible achievements to date has been her personal invitation to perform at the Carnegie Hall in New York! She was given this amazing opportunity as a result of her first prize win at the Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition (in Brass section) in November 2019. 

Jade gives Sydney Eisteddfod an idea of what it was like winning first prize at the Golden Classical Music Awards. 

“As it was a competition against a pool of international performers, winning first prize in the Brass Category was such an honour. It was really encouraging and solidified my desire to become an internationally renowned Australian musician”. 

The opportunity to perform at such a historically famous concert hall in New York as a result of Jade's win was a "dream come true" for her.  

Knowing the historical importance of the concert hall, in that it had showcased some of the world’s most famous musicians and performers, coupled with the breathtaking beauty of the hall itself reminded me the privilege it was to perform there. 

Jade's experience in New York gave her an insight into what it would be like working as a professional musician. She had to manage time constraints, an entirely new atmosphere and jet lag, with just one day to prepare for her performance the following day. 

"This experience was an opportunity to learn to adapt to the different conditions of another country, as I learnt that performance was not only restricted to the few minutes on stage but involved the schedule beforehand.

2019 JadeParkCarnegieHallJade Park performing at Carnegie Hall, New York at the Golden Classical Music Awards Winners Concert

In 2019’s Sydney Eisteddfod, Jade won first-prize in the brass section of all age divisions and was from there invited to play at the Sydney Eisteddfod Alf & Pearl Pollard Memorial Instrumental Awards for Performance Excellence.

"I am always grateful for the feedback from the adjudicators, which have given me insight into areas of my performance I had not thought about before... My experience [in 2019’s Sydney Eisteddfod] has taught me that if I set myself a goal, and work towards it consistently, it becomes achievable”. 

Jade tells us that her biggest inspiration is the audience and the power of music to convey something meaningful to the audience every time she performs. 

It might sound cliché, but each time I perform, and because I am telling a story to the audience – I feel like it is actually the audience, and their response to the music that inspires me to keep on going. 

In 2020, Jade has even more up her sleeve so that she can keep inspiring audiences in the future. 

She has been accepted into the Australian Youth Orchestra Young Symphonist program this year, which gathers talent from Australian musicians aged 12-17 for an intensive music-making week in Canberra. 

I am also currently preparing for the Vienna International Music Competition, as well as the Youth Competition as part of the International Trumpet Guild in Columbus, Ohio in USA for 2020. 

Jade is well on track to achieve her dream job of becoming a renowned Australian musician and she is only 12 years old. 

Best of luck in whatever the future holds for you Jade!!!

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