Vincent Lo NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship

Vincent Lo, winner of the 2016 NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Three alumni excel with NSW Youth Orchestra


Published: 25/08/2017 11:00am

Sydney Eisteddfod prides itself on providing opportunities for young aspiring artists and for being a launch pad into professional careers in the Arts, so it is always wonderful to hear of alumni achieving great things.

On 19 August three Sydney Eisteddfod alumni, Vincent Lo, Anna Da Silva Chen and Paul Cheung, performed as a trio with NSW Youth Orchestra. They presented Beethoven’s Triple Concerto with Anna playing the violin, Vincent playing the cello and Paul on piano. 

Anna Da Silva Chen won the 2013  NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship and Vincent Lo won this same award in 2016. Paul Cheung continues to be an offical Sydney Eisteddfod Accompanist, winning the 2016 Accompanist Award. 

Vincent spoke to Sydney Eisteddfod about this experience highlighting the positive experience he had working with conductor Fabian Russell and performing at the Con.

“It was a very enjoyable experience performing with the NSW Youth Orchestra, and with Fabian Russell who was a fantastic conductor to work with,” he said.

“In addition, it was a great opportunity to perform for a packed audience in the Verbrugghen Hall at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where I have many memories of performing during my Bachelor degree there. We were all very lucky to have a Youth Orchestra with talented young musicians willing to fit in time amongst their busy schedules to play a very difficult work with us.”

For Vincent, performing with two other Sydney Eisteddfod alumni was a “fun” and different experience which helped each of them grow as performers. 

“It was a new experience for all of us, as we had never played or performed together as a trio. However, Paul  has played a big part in my Bachelor degree at the Con. He has been the Associate Artist for me and we performed together in both my 3rd and 4th year recitals. It was amazing to be able to perform with him again and ultimately all 3 of us were very happy with how the performance went.”

“Preparing for this performance took a lot of individual, as well as group practice. Despite both Anna and Paul having very busy schedules, we managed to find sufficient time to rehearse together with and without the orchestra” he explained.

It has been a year since Vincent won the NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship and when asked how it has helped him get closer to his dream, he explained it has played a big part in his musical learning since he was applicable to apply at the age of 16.

“It has given me many memorable performances and opportunities over the years; especially since winning it last year. The benefits that the Scholarship provides have allowed me to further my studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, where I will be undertaking a Masters beginning in October 2017”.

Sydney Eisteddfod congratulates Vincent, Anna and Paul on a fabulous performance and can not wait to hear what they will each go on to achieve next. 

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