285: The Wenkart Foundation Intermediate Youth Orchestra (19 & Under)

Video Submission Deadline: Friday 11 June

Venue: Video Submission

Event Ages: 19 and under

Event Type: Group

Sponsored by
The Wenkart Foundation

Status: Completed

Due to evolving Covid restrictions on live events in NSW, this event will be by Private Video Submission. More information on how to submit your videos will be made available on our website in mid-April. 

Own choice of a varied program. Arrangements encouraged.

Total Performance Time of up to 15 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

All music SHOULD be between Grade 2.5 to Grade 3.5 standard. Appropriate grades must be labelled on all scores when submitted online.

Minimum 18 Players 

No singing.

The orchestra must include strings and at least one other group of the orchestral family (i.e. woodwind/brass/percussion). The make up of the orchestra may vary with each item to agree with the score, except an electric bass substituted for an acoustic bass, and an electric piano (synthesizer) can be used in lieu of a harp, harpsichord or organ only. Acoustic substitutes (e.g. clarinet for oboe) may be made in lieu of the original.

Note: Please refer to Items 9 & 17 under the Instrumental Groups Category Rules & Conditions.

Winner: $500
2nd: $200
3rd: $100

  • Instrumental Groups Category Rules & Conditions
  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Video Submission Guidelines - Groups

Winner ~ 6 Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College Orchestra (North Sydney)
2nd ~ 2 NGS Symphony Orchestra  (Newcastle)
3rd ~ 4 Roseville Chamber Orchestra (Roseville)
H/C ~ 1 Loreto Kirribilli Orchestra (Kirribilli)
H/C ~ 3 Meriden Sinfonia (Strathfield)
H/C ~ 5 North Sydney Girls High School Chamber Orchestra (Crows Nest)
H/C ~ 9 CCGS Symphony Orchestra  (Erina Heights)

These results are believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any error or omission is regretted. Circumstances may require alteration to this list without notice.