442: The Wenkart Foundation Ballet Championship (13 Years)

Friday 12 July

Venue: Shore School - Smith Auditorium

Event Ages: 13 Years

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
The Wenkart Foundation

Status: Completed

Two items (a) classical ballet solo AND (b) contrasting contemporary, modern expressive/lyrical or demi-character solo.

Time limit up to 3 minutes each.

All entrants in each division will first perform their item (a) and then all will return for their item (b) performance, thus allowing them plenty of time for costume changes.

BOTH ITEMS may have been performed ONCE in another event. Please refer to Item 7 under the Dance Category Rules & Conditions.

No marks written on the reports for this Championship.

Prerequisite: Entrants must enter and perform in Event 443 and ONE OTHER EVENT from 444-446.

Winner: $300
2nd: $200
3rd: $100

  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Dance Category Rules & Conditions
  • CD Policy

Winner ~ 2 Amelia Soh (Neutral Bay)
2nd ~ 18 Lily Sophia Dashwood (Hampton, VIC)
3rd ~ 16 Madison Sparkman (Invermay Park)
H/C ~ 10 Jasmine Jordan (Ballarat, VIC)
H/C ~ 12 Lauren Watts (Roseville)
H/C ~ 17 Jessica Gunning (Turramurrra)

These results are believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any error or omission is regretted. Circumstances may require alteration to this list without notice.