Guillermo Keys Arenas

Guillermo Keys-Arenas.

Thanks to the Guillermo Keys-Arenas Dance Trust


Sydney Eisteddfod would like to thank the Guillermo Keys-Arenas Dance Trust for their gracious support of the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship in 2017. Their generous donation of $18,000 for the Outright Winner Prize, provided winner Jessi Seymour with $3,000 cash plus a $15,000 Scholarship. 

The Guillermo Keys-Arenas Dance Trust commemorates the life and work of Guillermo Keys- Arenas (1928-2006), a dance teacher, performer and choreographer.  

At various times he worked with the Australian Ballet, all the state dance companies, the Australian Ballet School, the Victorian College of the Arts, NIDA, the University of Western Sydney and numerous independent dance schools. He also choreographed for the Australian Opera, Sydney Theatre Company and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. He contributed enormously to Australian multi-culturalism as Artistic Director of the National Folkloric Festival (1979-1994) at the Sydney Opera House.

The Trust was established in 2008 in accordance with Guillermo’s final wishes, with the aim of providing assistance to promising Australian dance artists to further their skills and careers. 

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