2019 Volunteerslunch

Thank you to our volunteers for making this year possible!


Published: 30/10/2019 8:30am

Sydney Eisteddfod has officially come to the end of another spectacular year of performing arts extravaganzas - providing performance and scholarship opportunities for aspiring singers, dancers, actors, musicians, composers, bands, choirs and orchestras alike! 

We thank every single person who participated in this year's Sydney Eisteddfod. The energy displayed across every category this year was at its highest point, and we are ecstatic with the incredible standard of performances that our audiences were able to experience. 

Above all, we extend a most sincere thank you to our dedicated volunteers, without whom we would be unable to put on such a full year of performing arts events since our inception in 1933. 

Sydney Eisteddfod operates with a small staff and an army of dedicated volunteers who without doubt are the lifeblood of our organisation. This year we had 59 amazing volunteers, who each contributed heavily to the running of our Eisteddfod by providing their undivided support when needed across all 300 of our events.  

Our volunteers each assist in such a diverse range of ways whether it is selling tickets at our various venues, ushering people to their seats, vote counting, door minding and the list goes on! 

"I’m pretty happy doing almost anything, volunteering isn’t about picking and choosing really, but all hands-on deck to make the best experience possible for all who attend, whether it’s contestants, viewers, volunteers, venue staff, whomever” - Sydney Eisteddfod volunteer Terry Fahy says. 

Our volunteers come from a variety of different walks of life, with some being retireesstudents, aspiring event planners, part-time workers, parents and grandparents. Regardless of each of their separate life backgrounds, they never falter in helping to bring Sydney Eisteddfod’s mission to action, which is to continually provide performance opportunities to new and aspiring artists.  

The large contribution that our volunteers make to Sydney Eisteddfod’s mission can to a great extent be attributed to their mutual passion for the performing arts.  Our volunteers are just as passionate as our entrants in ensuring that Australia continues to see success in this field for years to come. Our volunteers make a positive difference to this community by encouraging all our entrants to embrace the opportunities given to them and to follow their dreams under the most ideal circumstances which they help make possible.

Another amazing volunteer, Melanie Rankine, told Sydney Eisteddfod that the thing which motivates her the most to be a dedicated volunteer is definitely “the buzz and excitement generated by young and passionate performers”.

To every single volunteer who helped us out in one way or another this year, THANK YOU.

We particularly thank those people who truly put their entire heart and soul into Sydney Eisteddfod and assist us so greatly in both the planning and execution aspects of our events. 

Our volunteers donate their time so generously each year and are happy to help where they can so that our mission to continue to provide opportunities to aspiring young Australian’s can be lived out for years to come. 

For any one who is interested in becoming a volunteer for Sydney Eisteddfod 2020 or if you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us here! - info@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au