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Tentative Dates Update - Thank You for your Patience!


Published: 01/04/2021 2:00pm

Thank you to everyone who has so far submitted their entries into this year’s Sydney Eisteddfod. We are very excited to see you at our 2021 Festival!

It has been extra tough trying to organise our annual Festival in today's climate but rest assured, we have been working as hard as ever before to present a Festival that is as close to normal as can be.

As you can probably imagine, the COVID situation has presented it's fair share of hurdles along the way.

One such obstacle, has been the multiple venues who have had to pull out last minute. This includes schools still not being able to welcome outside hirers to their facilities, as well as other venues such as UNSW pulling out very recently. We have spent the past few months constantly reworking our timetable to ensure that we are able to present our events once again in 2021.

This means that a lot of our dates have unfortunately had to change from their original tentative date. We encourage all entrants to head to our website www.sydneyeisteddfod.com.au to have a look at the updated tentative dates for your events. 

Please also keep an eye out for your appearance advice which will be sent out late April which will have your confirmed event times and entrant numbers, as well as any additional information relevant to your particular event.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for being flexible and working with us under the ever-changing situation that is 2021. We will not let COVID put an end to another year of Sydney Eisteddfod!