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Sydney Eisteddfod! Your Golden Opportunity!


Published: 28/01/2020 8:30am

Always wanted to study overseas but haven’t come across the right opportunity yet?

Passionate about the performing arts and interested in pursuing it for your career? 

Sydney Eisteddfod is the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for! 

Our mission is to promote excellence in the performing arts, particularly amongst young people, with opportunities to perform in professional competitions and assist aspiring performers in their lifelong engagement with the performing arts. 

One of the central ways we achieve this is through the international career opportunities which are offered to winning and placing entrants across dance, music and song events annually.

These international career opportunities exist primarily in the form of generous scholarships for participants across a range of our performance events.

By studying abroad, you will not only gain independence and character but you will undoubtedly experience plenty of new things and meet new friends with similar interests and aspirations! 

Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship, Hyo Shimizu, won a $15,000 Scholarship as well as $3000 cash which he has used to fund his ongoing dance training overseas in Germany at Akademie des Tanzes.

Hyo has been exposed to many new opportunities already and is so glad to be pursuing his dream whilst living overseas and making the most of it.  

I was relieved to find that the teachers and coaches here are all exceptional. Each teacher has something different to give and they are all very caring towards the students. I have learnt lots since coming here including technical aspects in class, new vocabulary, and different ways to work in different situations”. 

hyo in germany1[2019 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship Winner, Hyo Shimizu, dancing in Germany]

There is also the Sydney Eisteddfod Robert & Elizabeth Albert Junior Classical Ballet Scholarship, which was last year won by Paige Ristevski. She received a $6000 Scholarship and $1000 cash which she is using to contribute to her tuition this year at the Queensland Ballet Academy!

"I look forward to taking classes that I haven’t participated in before like Pas de deux and being taught dances that are out of my comfort zone. 

Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship, Cleo Lee-McGowan, won a $37,000 Scholarship, $3,000 cash and a return airfare which she has used to help fund her studies at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London.

"I’m excited to face all the challenges that living overseas will present, and begin the next chapter in my career".

Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod NSW DRS Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship, Magdalenna Krstevska, won a $6000 scholarship and $2000 cash which has assisted her studies at the Royal College of Music in London, where she is embarking on a two-year Master of Performance course!

"Already I have had the chance to travel to Paris for a side-by-side project with the Paris Conservatoire... and have performed large wind ensemble repertoire at an in-house Royal College of Music concert". 

2019 magdalenna[2019 Instrumental Scholarship Winner, Magdalenna Krstevska, performing at Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media]

Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod Kawai Piano Scholarship, Leanne Yang Jin, won a $10,000 Scholarship and $2,000 cash for her performance last year. Leanne is currently completing a Bachelor of Music Performance degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and she is contributing her winnings to her tuition there.

This year, we also have a brand NEW Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Piano Scholarship (11-15 years) which will be a great a chance for even younger aspiring pianists to gain valuable performance experience as well as to the chance to win a $4,000 Scholarship as well as $1000 cash!

In 2020, Sydney Eisteddfod is holding over 300 events across a variety of different performance areas!  Simply taking part in any one of our scholarship events, could land you the wonderful opportunity to travel overseas, not only to gain incredible performance experience but to also explore our wonderful world!

Ballet. Singing. Piano. Instrumental. You name it.

There's a scholarship which could have your name on it this year.

For a chance to turn your passion for the performing arts and travel into a reality, enter now for Sydney Eisteddfod 2020! 

We can’t wait to see you all there!

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