60: Sydney Eisteddfod SENIOR Singer Of The Year (16-23 Years)

Video Submission Due Friday 15 October

Venue: Club Five Dock RSL

Event Ages: 16 to 23 years

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
Petersham RSL Club & Sydney Eisteddfod Jubilee Fund

Status: Open

Total Prize Value Exceeds $6,000

* Heats (Sunday 18 July 2021): One song of own choice. Backing tracks allowed. These must be supplied on a CD or USB as there may not be a facility to use your smart phone. No self-accompaniment allowed in the heats or the final. Time limit up to 4 minutes. Up to Six Finalists and Two Reserve Finalists will be chosen from the heats.

* Final (Saturday 11 September 2021): Program to include the heat item and up to two other songs. Songs to be performed consecutively.

Total Performance Time of up to 13 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

Finalists must present a maximum of up to three songs and one MUST be from the heat. One song MUST BE performed with the four-piece band (piano, bass, drums & guitar). The remaining songs may be performed with the band or any combination of those instruments using band members only.

No backing tracks, private accompanists or self-accompaniment allowed.

No teacher or parent is permitted to attend rehearsals with the band.

Band Charts need to be purchased ONLY if selected as a Finalist (see more information about band charts below).

Singers are strongly advised to check first the stock lists on the approved arrangers' websites below, before finalising their repertoire, so that they are aware whether charts for their chosen songs are available before their first performance.

No backing tracks permitted (except for the heats). Live accompaniment only. Band charts are to be purchased from the recommended arrangers listed (see condition 4 below). Up to three backing vocalists permitted. Adjudication will be based on originality of style, delivery, vocal ability, stagecraft and overall presentation, which includes audience communication (linking dialogue). This final will be held with the final of Event 71.

Entrants can repeat songs ONCE that have been performed in other events (Please refer to Item 7 under the Contemporary Singing Category Rules & Conditions).

1. Previous winners not eligible.
2. Adjudicators' reports will be written for the preliminary heats only. No marks will be given on these reports.
3. The Winner and Finalists must be reasonably available for media interviews and to perform without fee in Showcase performances nominated by and in the interest of Sydney Eisteddfod.
4. Finalists: Approved band charts for the item/s to be performed with the band must be supplied for each individual musician - bass, drums, guitar and piano.

Band charts to be purchased ONLY from the approved arrangers listed below.

1) Dick Buchanan: www.dickbuchananmusic.com
2) Readymade Music: www.readymademusic.com
3) Barlow Music: www.barlowmusic.com.au
4) Talbot (Darryl Talbot): www.talbotmusic.net

If using arrangers other than those suggested above, they must be a member of the MAGA (Musicians And Arrangers Guild of Australia) - www.magainc.org.au/find.html

Please seek prior approval from Sydney Eisteddfod by sending an email AT LEAST A MONTH IN ADVANCE OF THE FINAL, giving all relevant details so that our Musical Director can approve before proceeding with purchases from other arrangers except those listed above.

All band charts must be approved by our Musical Director before performance.

Winner: $500. Sponsored by Petersham RSL Club and supplemented by Sydney Eisteddfod Jubilee Fund.

  • Contemporary Singing Category Rules & Conditions
  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • CD & USB Policy
  • Video Submission Guidelines - General

Levels in this Event

Heats (Postponed) Club Five Dock RSL
Video Submission Due 15/10/21 Club Five Dock RSL

Events close progressively as they become fully subscribed.

Levels in this Event

Heats (Postponed) Club Five Dock RSL
Video Submission Due 15/10/21 Club Five Dock RSL

Entrant Details

Teacher Details

Entry Fee: $120.00 Late Entry Fee


Each Session
Adult $23, Concession $19

General Session tickets are sold at the venue prior to the session. General Session seating is unreserved. Correct money for our Volunteer ticket sellers is appreciated. EFTPOS facilities now available. Tickets are available for purchase from 45 minutes prior to the session.

Sydney Eisteddfod Singer of the Year Finals ( $34.00 )Adult
Sydney Eisteddfod Singer of the Year Finals ( $29.00 )Concession