250: Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra INSTRUMENTAL SCHOLARSHIP (16-26 Years)

Venue: Zenith Theatre

Event Ages: 16 to 26 years

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
NSW Doctors Orchestra - Musicus Medicus & The Brian Shearman Memorial Trust Fund

Status: Cancelled

Total Prize Value Exceeds: $13,000

Works must be PERFORMED FROM MEMORY. Performance on one instrument only:

* Heats : One or more items. Total Performance Time of up to 6 minutes.

- By Video Recording (Submission Date: Friday 11 June 2021) without edit;
- By Live Performance

* Semi-Final: Two contrasting works performed consecutively. Total Performance Time of up to 12 minutes. (Note: This MAY include the heat item/s.) This performance will be live.

* Final: A concert program of major works (which MUST include either the heat item or semi-final item/s or can include all items from previous rounds with a Total Performance Time of between 12 and 18 minutes. Choice of repertoire will be taken into consideration by the adjudicators. This performance will be live.

Sydney Eisteddfod will now be accepting video submissions for the heats for this Scholarship to allow those less accessible to enter. Please see our 'Video Submission Guidelines' in the Entrant's Corner for more information.

Entrants MUST EMAIL: instrumentalscholarship@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au NO LATER THAN Friday 11 June 2021 the following details for ALL ROUNDS, e.g. Heats, Semi-Final & Final, or entry may be forfeited.

a) Title & composer of all works (No changes to repertoire selection within the fortnight before the commencement of the heats);
b) Names of the movements of ALL the chosen works;
c) Approximate time limit for each work;
d) Name of accompanist for all rounds;
e) A Stage Plan if a 20th or 21st Century work is selected (including electronics where relevant);
f) Outline of proposed course of study (as a Word file, not printed);
g) A 200-word biography in paragraph format (as a Word file, not printed) and a suitable photo (as a hi-resolution jpeg) for publicity.
h) Video recording (if applicable)

The adjudicators are given this information at the heats and entrants will be informed if a work is considered unsuitable for any of the rounds.

Entrants electing to participate in the heats via video recording are required to submit a recording of a performance made in 2021 (without edit). Those found in breach of this will be disqualified and possibly banned from entering this event in future years.
Email: instrumentalscholarship@sydneyeisteddfod.com.au if you have any questions relating to this audition method AND TO SEND ALL INFORMATION FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP.

1. Previous Winners not eligible.
2. Event is open to any instrumentalist who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
3. AT THE HEATS, ALL ENTRANTS will be required to produce proof of age and residency before they are allowed to compete (e.g. birth certificate or an Australian or New Zealand passport or a permanent resident stamp. A driver's licence is not acceptable). Video submission will be asked to submit this with their online video entry.
4. Adjudicators' reports will be written for the preliminary heats only. No marks will be given on these reports.
5. ACCOMPANIMENT: Performances are solo with acoustic piano accompaniment unless the work chosen was composed specifically for solo instrument without accompaniment.
6. A selected number of Semi-finalists (if required) will be announced at the conclusion of all divisions of the heats. SIX FINALISTS AND TWO RESERVE FINALISTS will be selected after the Semi-Final. In awarding the Scholarship the adjudicators will take into consideration presentation, current level of achievement and potential.
7. The Winner's Scholarship will be awarded with $2,000 upon winning and the balance of $6,000 in two equal instalments after six and twelve months respectively, subject to the receipt of progress reports from the Winner's teacher or teaching institution.
8. The 2nd Scholarship will be paid in two equal amounts, with the first instalment upon winning and the second instalment six months later, subject to proof of continued tuition.
9. The Scholarship must be taken within two years of winning and completed within two years thereafter or be forfeited.
10. The Winner and Finalists must be reasonably available for media interviews and to perform without fee in future Showcase performances nominated by and in the interest of Sydney Eisteddfod.

Total Prize Value Exceeds: $13,000

Winner: $8,000 ($2,000 cash plus $6,000 Scholarship). Sponsored by the NSW Drs Orchestra - Musicus Medicus.

2nd Scholarship: $3,000 ($500 cash plus a $2,500 Scholarship). From The Brian Shearman Memorial Trust Fund, established by his Family & Friends.

Finalists: $500 each (excluding place-getters). Sponsored by the NSW Drs Orchestra - Musicus Medicus.

Willoughby Symphony Orchestra, in consultation with their Artistic Director Dr Nicholas Milton AM or a representative, may offer one of the finalists a professional engagement with the WSO in the next two years, subject to availability and suitability with the WSO's concert programming.

Two Finalists will be invited to compete in the '2021 Fine Music Young Virtuoso Award Final (DATE: TBC) at The Founders Studio, Fine Music Sydney)'. Please refer to the conditions below for more information.

  • Instrumental Solos & Duos Category Rules & Conditions
  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Eisteddfod Accompanists
  • 2021 Fine Music Young Virtuoso State Final - Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship
  • Video Submission Guidelines - Scholarships

Levels in this Event

Video Recording Submission Date 11/6/21  
Heats (Postponed) Venue TBC
Semi-Final (Postponed) Venue TBC
Zenith Theatre