212: Sydney Eisteddfod JUNIOR PIANO SCHOLARSHIP (11-16 Years)

Date: TBA

Venue: Zenith Theatre

Event Ages: 11 to 16 years

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
a Donor through Sydney Eisteddfod

Status: Postponed

Total Prize Value Exceeds: $6,000

Two works must be prepared and performed from memory as follows:

* Heats: One work, total performance time up to 10 minutes. (Note: This item may be repeated ONCE in another event. Please refer to Item 7 under the Piano Category Rules & Conditions)

* Final: Two works. Total performance time of 20 minutes, which may include the heat item.

1. FOUR FINALISTS AND TWO RESERVE FINALISTS will be selected from the heats.
2. Adjudicators' reports will be written for the preliminary heats only. No marks will be given on these reports.
3. The Scholarship will be awarded with $1,000 upon winning and the balance in four equal instalments over two years.
4. The Scholarship must be taken within two years of winning and completed within two years thereafter or be forfeited. The payment of instalments is upon application to Sydney Eisteddfod with satisfactory reports of progress from the winner's teacher or teaching institution.
5. The Winner and Finalists must be reasonably available for media interviews and to perform without fee in future Showcase performances nominated by and in the interest of Sydney Eisteddfod.

Total Prize Value Exceeds: $6,000

Winner: $5,000 ($1,000 cash plus $4,000 Scholarship)

Finalists (excluding place-getter): $300 each. Sponsored through Sydney Eisteddfod.

  • Piano Category Rules & Conditions
  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry

Levels in this Event

Heats (Postponed) Venue TBC
Date: TBA Zenith Theatre

Each Session
Adult $23, Concession $19

General Session tickets are sold at the venue prior to the session. General Session seating is unreserved. Correct money for our Volunteer ticket sellers is appreciated. EFTPOS facilities now available. Tickets are available for purchase from 45 minutes prior to the session.

** Very limited seating available for Heats

Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Piano Scholarship Final ( $35.00 )Adult
Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Piano Scholarship Final ( $30.00 )Concession