Jessica Boyle

Jessica Boyle. Photo: WInkiPoP Media

Sydney Eisteddfod alumni shine in Premier State Ballet's Cinderella


For over 26 years, The McDonald College has run a pre-professional youth ballet company called the Premier State Ballet which provides students aged 12-18 years with the opportunity to perform as a member of a ballet company. During this period, several dancers have stepped from its studios into leading ballet companies throughout the world, and this year the McDonald College has reason to take pride in Premier State Ballet's production of Cinderella staged at the Riverside Theatre in September 2018. 

Everyone knows Cinderella’s story, but this slightly twisted version choreographed by the company’s Artistic Director Joshua Consandine is not just another age-old fairy-tale. Admittedly, its theme remains intact, but this production has been tailored to delight young dancers and amuse a mature audience. As usual, the dancing at the Riverside Theatre was excellent. Jessica Boyle and Celine Urquhart, who shared the title role, gave outstanding performances, and as both are veterans of the Sydney Eisteddfod platform, its staff is still praising its success.

Celine Urquhart

Celine Urquhart. Photo: WinkiPoP Media


In this novel display, the performers united in such a grand showing, it is impossible to mention them all, but some including the wicked step-sisters who tried so hard to ruin Cinderella’s life with their reckless energy deserve a mention. Other stand-outs include the tuxedo clad males who united in dances across all age groups and the Premier State Ballet Mini Members who made it their business to steal the audience heart.

Only one adult featured in this wonderful cast, and Sydney Eisteddfod thanks the magnificent Anca Frankenhaeuser on her riveting performance as the wicked stepmother.  All these aspects helped make Cinderella a great show, and Sydney Eisteddfod takes pleasure in congratulating all who participated in this celebration of their talents.