SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD invites all those who entered or would have entered our cancelled 2020 Festival to submit new recordings of themselves at home, performing what would have been their competition piece!

We know how much work goes into your piece before you even enter the eisteddfod and we didn’t want to see that hard work go to waste!

This is NOT a competition and there will be no prizes or judging. We are simply wanting to share and celebrate the talent that exists in our amazing entrants!



2. Please name your video file with the PERFORMERS name, age, and performance piece e.g. MarySmith_14_ Solo de Concours, André Messager

3. Please name your Consent form file with the PERFORMERS NAME

 When can I submit my video?

You can start to submit your videos immediately from May 4!

We will start to upload and share them online from June 1.

 Is there a cut off?

We will continue to take video submissions up until July 27 and will upload new videos up until July 31.

Where can I see my video?

You can visit the Sydney Eisteddfod YouTube Channel where we will upload EVERY VIDEO.

We will also be selecting videos at random to share on this section of our website as well as on our Facebook page!

How long can my video be?

There is no time limit, and you are allowed to perform as long a piece as your entered event allows. But remember, this is a social media campaign so you may wish to shorten your performance. 

How to I send my video to Sydney Eisteddfod?

Simply click the links below to upload your video and consent form to the relevant folders once you’re done!



Please ensure:

  1. To download a consent form at the link below


  1. Complete and submit a SIGNED consent form in order to ensure your video can be accepted.
  1. Your video is recorded THIS YEAR, 2020.
  2. Your video is not a pre-recorded copy of you performing at another event.
  3. You name your video file with the PERFORMERS name, age, and performance piece e.g. MarySmith_14_ Solo de Concours, André Messager
  4. You name your Consent form file with the PERFORMERS NAME
  5. Your video is recorded from your home or a location what complies with the current government social guidelines in relation to COVID-19.
  6. Please ensure your video is recorded with regard to, and in compliance with current government guidelines and social distancing restrictions relating to COVID-19.

What else do I need to know?

1.     Try and ensure there is no or little background noise in your recording.

2.     Record in a landscape position NOT portrait.

3.     Your iPhone camera is perfectly fine.

4.     NOTE: If any of the performers have production skills and want to submit anything more "fancy", we are happy to receive edited footage. 

5.     You may alter your performance in order to comply with current restrictions and social distancing laws in relation to COVID-19.

 Privacy and Child Protection Policy

Sydney Eisteddfod will be following our standard privacy policies in relation to the protection of children.

Comments and likes/ dislikes are disabled on YouTube for protection and we monitor our socials as always to maintain a level of safety and ensure comments etc. are appropriate. 


Sydney Eisteddfod obtains consent for the right to record, film, broadcast, telecast, 

videotape or photograph any submission to Stage At Home when they submit their video, along with the SIGNED CONSENT FORM to the submission link.

It is assumed that the person(s) submitting an entry on behalf of a child has 

acquired appropriate consent from the parent or guardian of that child.


Sydney Eisteddfod may use recordings, films, broadcasts, telecasts, videotapes or 

photographs for promotional and publicity purposes. Images may be used in publications 

produced by Sydney Eisteddfod, including 

program, flyers and online.

Storage of Videos

Video files are stored securely, and only authorised personnel will have access to videos. 


It is completely up to you whether you feel you'd like to submit your child's video to this promotion as it will be made publicly available online through our website and social media channels. 

This does not, however, differ in any way, from the consent given to Sydney Eisteddfod upon regular entry, to share our professional images and videos of entrants. In this case, it is simply, recorded by the entrants themselves. 

If you need technical or other help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
We look forward to receiving your performances!

Sydney Eisteddfod Team