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Speech & Drama High Achievers


Since Speech & Drama events kicked off mid-May, the level of talent demonstrated by Australia’s young actors has blown away both adjudicators and ‘theatregoers’! From verse speaking to prose and monologues, a variety of engaging and heartfelt characters have taken to the Sydney Eisteddfod stage, transporting audiences through time between the Elizabethan era and modern times.

16-year-old Alex Chorley will be competing in a total of 18 events this year and so far has been awarded first place in the Verse Speaking (16-18 Years) event. Nastassia Nickolas, 16, took out first place in the Monologue/Character (16-18 Years) event and Natasha Nogueira, also 16, was awarded first place in the Prose Speaking (16-18 Years) event.

 15-year-old Alexander Wang displayed that he has what it takes to be a future announcer winning the News Reading/Radio Announcing (14-18 Years) event. Niamh Kinsella, 15, won the Monologue/Character (15 Years) event and 15-year-old Sarah Miller won the Prose Speaking (14 & 15 Years) event. 14-year-old Grace Granger wowed with her Monologue/Character (14 Years), winning the event against 26 entrants.  

In the 13 years age group, Tayla Movsowitz won the Monologue/Character event, Aiden Carter took out first place in Verse Speaking (13 Years) and Breteil David won the Prose Speaking (13 Years). The 2016 Junior Singer of the Year winner, Omar Jasper Rihani, proved to not only be a talented singer but actor as well, winning the Shakespeare Monologue In Rehearsal Blacks (12-14 Years) event.

Hana Chorley, 13, impressed judges in two events taking out first places in both the Verse Speaking (14 & 15 Years) event & the Drama/Individual Performance (12-15 Years) event. 13-year-old Maeve Cox also now has two first places under her belt, winning the News Reading/Radio Announcing (13 & Under) event and the Australian Poem (15 & Under).

Angelica Philips was victorious in two events, winning the Verse Speaking (12 Years) event and the Prose Speaking (11 & 12 Years) event. William Dunbar, 12, won the Monologue/Character (12 Years) event and 11-year-old Sarah Uria won the Monologue/Character (11 Years). Joshua Arnold, also 11-years-old won the Verse Speaking (11 Years) event.

In the youngest age group to compete, Lani Rose proved that she can command the attention of a room, winning the Verse Speaking (9 & Under).

Sydney Eisteddfod congratulates these all of these performers on their wins so far, and wishes the following entrants the best of luck as they prepare to further showcase their skills in the upcoming Sydney Eisteddfod Actors Championships:

For the 15-18 years category - 
Alex Chorley
Nastassia Nickolas
Natasha Nogueira

For the 12 -14 years category -
Hana Chorley
Maeve Cox
Omar Jasper Rihani

 The Sydney Eisteddfod Actors Championships will take place on 13 August at the NIDA, Studio.