2020 SchoolofRock

Sara Petrovski performs in School of Rock the Musical!


Published: 09/03/2020 9:00am

With entries for Sydney Eisteddfod 2020 closing this Friday March 13, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with one of our alumni, who since performing with us last year has been breaking ground in the performing arts world. 

Sara Petrovski has been performing with Sydney Eisteddfod since 2017, and at just 12-years-old she was cast in School of Rock the Musical showing at Capitol Theatre Sydney. 

The Musical ran at the Capitol Theatre from 8 November 2019 through to last week on 1 March 2020!  

Sara let Sydney Eisteddfod in on what went through her head when she found out she had been cast in School of Rock. 

“I thought I was being pranked and then when it finally hit me I had a mix of emotions - laughing and crying at the same time”. 

Sara played the role of Shonelle who is one of the backup singers and dancers for the band with a quirky and sassy personality which she had to channel during her time performing in the Musical.  

“On set I'm pretty much on stage throughout the whole performance (2.5hrs) and when I'm not on stage I'm on standby. It’s been an amazing experience which I’ve dreamt of for years”. 

Sara shared with us the biggest lesson that she has learnt and been fortunate to take away with her from the experience.  

“With School of Rock, I learnt a lot about making it work with everyone together, both as a band member and team member as there are twelve kids in the show”. 

2020 SaraSara Petrovski performing in School of Rock, The Musical, at Capitol Theatre Sydney

Sara is a dedicated and talented performer, taking part in many events with Sydney Eisteddfod over the past couple years and placing in most her events from 2019, notably achieving First-place in the Jazz or Blue’s Singer section for under 15’s. 

When Sara is not busy working and performing in School of Rock, she spends her free time getting inspired to perform and perfect her musical skills. 

“When I first started my School of Rock rehearsals, I was inspired to learn the drums simply by watching my School of Rock friends play the drums and I'd find myself drumming everywhere with drumsticks... 

I got a drum kit for Christmas... I’ve also learnt to play Ukulele and I’ve improved on my keyboard skills.” 

Sara already has performance plans in store for 2020 which we will have to stay tuned for before we can hear more! She is also competing in Sydney Eisteddfod once again this year and we can't wait to watch her perform! 

If you haven’t already, join Sara and get your entries in for our 2020 Festival!

Be quick though! Entries close this Friday, March 13!