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Premiere Studios places 12 TIMES at Sydney Eisteddfod 2021!


Published: 13/08/2021 12:00pm

Before lockdown 2.0 took over our plans in June this year, Sydney Eisteddfod were fortunate to have  held many of our dance group events at The Concourse Concert Hall in Chatswood.

Dance schools and academies brought their dance groups along to their events and performed their well-rehearsed routines to a keen excited live audience. We saw some standout performances across a variety of different dance types including Classical Ballet/Demi Character, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop and MORE!

Premiere Studios in Tuggerah was a dance school which caught our attention after they PLACED 12 TIMES across many of our categories!

PremiereStudios2Image: WinkiPop Media. A Premiere Studios dance group, performing their Winning Performance in the Sydney Eisteddfod Modern Expressive/Lyrical Dance Group section - 12 & Under. 

We got in touch with Director of Premiere Studios, Nicole Seggie, to learn more about the dance school and their students.

"Premiere Studios was established in 2012 and is aimed at dancers who wish to pursue a career in dance and who are looking for the right guidance and training to do so.

"At Premiere Studios we provide training in all fields of dance and look to help each student on their own path to succeed in their goals. Not only do we look for students who have a strong talent for dance but students who have passion, drive, and determination", Nicole tells Sydney Eisteddfod.

Nicole says the key message in which the studio spreads with all their dancers is the following:

"Dance accepts everybody, we believe there is an artist in all dancers no matter what background you're from, you can always find your path through the love of dance."

This year, Premiere Studios submitted 20 dance groups in Sydney Eisteddfod.

"We believe Sydney Eisteddfod is a prestigious Eisteddfod and think it is an amazing experience for our dancers to compete amongst some of the best in Sydney.  We enjoy the versatility of the judges, and the Eisteddfod attracts studios all over the country".

After having 16 groups take part in Sydney Eisteddfod already this year, Nicole says that their students came away with many positive takeaways to carry with them throughout their young careers. 

"Our students took away the professional experience of dancing on a high-quality stage and took away the feedback and comments from the high-quality judges. It was a great sense of comradery amongst the other studios and our students are looking forward to being involved again in 2022. 

"They always come away with a great overall experience and are always proud to say they performed at the Sydney Eisteddfod. The venue and standard are always such a high quality, and we believe more studios should attend because of this!"

Over the past year and a half, dance schools everywhere have had to find alternate ways of practicing and performing due to COVID-19. Premiere Studios like so many others have had to adapt to this tough situation to continue progressing the skills of their dancers.

Both this year and last year, the staff at Premiere Studios have used the time in lockdown to get their students to take classes with industry professionals all over the world, one of the perks of this time is now having new ways of access to established dance professionals across the globe!

 Well done to the team and students at Premiere Studios!

Sydney Eisteddfod encourages all dancers to take a leaf out of Premiere Studios' book, and take part in performance opportunities available online during lockdown to keep on perfecting performance skills. 

Keep connecting with each other and check up on your dance friends. Sydney Eisteddfod can't wait to see all our dancers performing again soon!