216: Piano Polyphony (15 & Under)

Friday 7 July

Venue: Shore School - Playfair Hall (BH Travers Centre)

Event Ages: 15 and under

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
Gerard Willems AM

Status: Completed

Own choice of one or more polyphonic works from any period, e.g. Bach, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Hindemith, Sitsky, Barber, Petrassi, etc.

Total performance time of up to 8 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

Winner 11-15 years MAY qualify for Event 214 - see event conditions.

1st $200
2nd $100
3rd $50

  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Piano Category Rules & Conditions

First Place ~ 13 Sheng-Yuan Lynch (Sandy Bay, TAS)
2nd ~ 4 Sakura Hayashi (Chatswood)
3rd ~ 9 Jayden Lay (Carlingford)
H/C ~ 2 Lawrence Wei (Beecroft)
H/C ~ 12 Alan Guan (Ashfield)
H/C ~ 15 Chloe Park (Epping)

These results are believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any error or omission is regretted. Circumstances may require alteration to this list without notice.