225: Piano Polyphony (12 & Under)

Friday 19 July

Venue: Shore School - Orchestra Room

Event Ages: 12 and Under

Event Type: Solo

Sponsored by
The Estate of the Late Leslie Andrews

Status: Completed

Own choice of one or more polyphonic works from any period, e.g. Bach, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Hindemith, Sitsky, Barber, Petrassi, etc.

Total Performance Time of up to 8 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

Winner 12 years MAY qualify for Event 214 - see event conditions.

Winner: $150
2nd: $100
3rd: $50

  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • Piano Category Rules & Conditions

Winner ~ 6 John Dinh Tuong Nguyen (Croydon Park)
2nd ~ 16 George Chen (Carlingford)
3rd ~ 2 Kerry Mo (Castle Hill)
H/C ~ 1 Ellie Dong (Epping)
H/C ~ 13 Austin Feng (Cherrybrook)
H/C ~ 14 Joyce Chung (West Pennant Hills)
H/C ~ 17 Chau Nguyen Bao (Hanoi, VN)

These results are believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any error or omission is regretted. Circumstances may require alteration to this list without notice.