Paige Ristevski 2

Paige Ristevski takes on Queensland Ballet Academy


Published: 09/10/2019 8:30am

Paige Ristevski amazed onlookers at Sydney Eisteddfod this year when she won the Robert & Elizabeth Albert Junior Classical Ballet Scholarship and the Wenkart Foundation Ballet Championship for her age group – and the good news just keeps rolling in! 

Soon after these back-to-back performing arts triumphs, Paige was offered a place for 2020 at Queensland Ballet Academy. 

Paige is extremely excited to start, as it has been her dream to get accepted and develop her professional dance skills at Queensland Ballet Academy for a while now. 

I have been working endlessly to achieve this goal of being accepted into the academy and it was such a relief when I opened the email confirming my acceptance. 

Despite being only 15 years old, Paige has been working extremely hard on her goal of performing for a ballet company since the age of nine. She was inspired from the moment she watched and listened to other passionate ballet dancers in the dance community.  

She is looking forward to the challenges that she will face at Queensland Ballet Academy as it will be quite different to life as she knows it. Training at the academy will drive Paige to develop her techniques and will enable her to encounter new opportunities and gain invaluable performance experience.    

"I look forward to taking classes that I haven’t participated in before like Pas de deux and being taught dances that are out of my comfort zone. 

Paige says that being confronted with new hurdles when dancing is what she loves the most about it, as working hard to rise above these challenges is truly rewarding. It is very promising that Paige has such an optimistic attitude about the challenges she will face, as dance careers are extremely demanding by nature. 

I love dancing because I love the continuous challenges that come with it, overcoming those challenges gives a sense of achievement and even when you have accomplished a goal, there is always more you can work towards. 

Despite the challenges that come with the territory of being a dancer, Paige rose above all of these in this year's Sydney Eisteddfod, where she not only received First-place in two events, but enjoyed herself at the same time. 

Paige Ristevski on stage at Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media 

“My favourite thing about this Eisteddfod is that even though the competition is full of strong dancers, everyone is kind and supportive of each other no matter what dance school they are from. From competing in this Eisteddfod this year, I learnt that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.” 

Paige says that the greatest advice she could give to anyone else who dreams to be accepted at an academy like Queensland Ballet Academyis to keep persisting and trying to better yourself, no matter what. 

There will be some setbacks when applying and auditioning for similar academy’s and not every audition is going to be successful, but it is important to keep working towards your goal no matter what happens, never give up on your goals when things don’t go to plan. 

Paige told Sydney Eisteddfod that her dream job would be dancing with a ballet company, either in Australia or overseas, as being able to perform 24/7 for her actual career would be an absolute dream come true.

"The idea of doing what I love and having it as a job sounds unimaginable. 

Paige being accepted into Queensland Ballet Academy will unquestionably place her on the right track to achieve this long-term goal.  

Sydney Eisteddfod want to wish Paige the best of luck with this new and exciting chapter that she will embark on next year – we are sure she will do exceptionally well.