Oscar Langmar Shot



Published: 30/09/2019 8:30am

13-year-old Oscar Langmar is no stranger to the stage at Sydney Eisteddfod – having performed in a range of events in the annual festival since 2017. This young entertainer is a true all-rounder, which is clear from the awards he has received in a range of our performance events including cabaret, vocal performance and musical theatre.  

This diverse skillset has come into great use this year, as Oscar was cast in NINE, The Musical, showing at the Seymour Centre during September - the greatest accomplishment in his young career to date. 

"I loved performing in NINE the musical as I was the only child cast amongst 18 adults. The cast, creatives & crew were inspiringalways encouraging of my abilities and I will always be grateful for the experience.” 

In between back-to-back rehearsals for the major production, Oscar successfully managed to attend and perform in five Sydney Eisteddfod events as well as the show. 

There were many days where I was juggling an Eisteddfod in the afternoon and a full-on rehearsal in the evening and not to forget schoolwork in between.”  

Oscar’s ability to juggle these performance commitments along with his standard everyday obligations is a true testament to his passion for a performing arts careerwhich by its very nature never stops. 

Despite this extremely busy period for Oscar, he believes the outcome was completely positive as he strategically used the experience gained in Sydney Eisteddfod as a tool for growth and improvement in NINE, The Musical. 

I liked being able to take away feedback from the adjudicators [at Sydney Eisteddfod] which helped me work on areas and better my role in NINE.” 

In the Musical, Oscar loved playing the role of ‘Young Guido’ as he adapted to his characters personality very quickly and successfully. 

In NINE I learnt how to express my character as a little Italian boy working with specialised coaches which helped me improve my Italian accent in speaking & singing. 

       The Cast of NINE, The Musical - Oscar Langmar depicted in Front Centre.  Photo: Courtesy of the Langmar Family.

On top of the experience gained in this wonderfully elaborate production, Oscar also performed earlier in the year in Opera Australia’s La Boheme, proving that he is not afraid to perform in front of an audience. 

I believe if you are doing something you love, it doesn’t matter what others say because you are in the moment & enjoying what makes you happy. 

Oscar says that being confident in your abilities is the biggest advice he could offer any performer who wishes to audition for and succeed in similar roles. 

Never be afraid to go for it and don’t underestimate your capabilities. If you have a DREAM, dream big & give it a go.”  

Oscar mentioned the importance of being resilient and not giving up as soon as you are turned down for a role. The way to succeed is to ensure you use every one of your failures in the industry as an opportunity for self-progression. 

“You win some and you lose some. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough, it’s often that you just don’t fit that particular role. 

The best thing about acting for Oscar is that regardless of his success, he absolutely loves performing and feels completely in his element when he is on stage. 

"My dream job is where you make a living doing what you LOVE the most and that would be to become a professional performer as it is makes me happy being in front of an audience. 

Oscar has more auditions and opportunities lined up for the near future, proving that this is clearly just the beginning for this 13-year-old superstar. 

Sydney Eisteddfod are extremely pleased for Oscar and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for this champion.