2019 Prixdelausanne

Nine Sydney Eisteddfod Alumni chosen for The Prix de Lausanne!


Published: 25/11/2019 8:30am

The Prix de Lausanne is an international competition held in Switzerland for young dancers across the globe, who are personally invited to showcase their extraordinary dance potential. 

Only 84 people around the world have been chosen to compete in 2020’s competition... 

With that being said, we are so pleased to share the news that out of the 13 people from Australia and New Zealand who have been chosen for the Prix de Lausanne 2020, nine of them are Sydney Eisteddfod alumni! 

Below are the names of our alumni who have been selected for the Prix de Lausanne 2020.

Bronte Barnett (Sydney College of Dance)

Samantha Geddes (Atelier Australia)

Austen McDonald (Tanya Pearson Academy) 

Lincoln Sharp (Tanya Pearson Academy)

Isabella Smith (The West Australian School of Dance)

Jackson Smith-Leishman (Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy) 

Eliza Wenham (Tanya Pearson Academy) 

Charlie Young (Atelier Australia) 

Jemima Scott (National Theatre Ballet School) 

We caught up with the candidates to extends our congratulations on their wonderful achievements. They have each shared their excitement, thoughts and the initials reactions they experienced when they found out they had been chosen. 

“When I woke up and found out that I was selected I was beyond happy. There were lots of excited squeals!, Samantha said. 

The aspiring dance professionals are excited to take part in such a totally new experience and to be working with some of the 'dance world’s best’.  

I'm looking forward to working with some of the guest teachers and choreographers. I love working with new people and learning new things. I love the challenges of dance and perfecting my technique, Jackson tells Sydney Eisteddfod. 

No matter the outcome, we know that every one of them will walk away from the Prix de Lausanne with their heads held high and a smile on their faces.

Samantha put this well when we caught up with her. 

“At best I hope to walk away with an offer to further my ballet career and at worst, I hope to learn as much as I can from the amazing teachers and other dancers that are going to be there”. 

Each of the candidates have had such a strong passion for dance from a young age which has enabled them to grow and improve and get to where they are now. 

“Ballet has become my greatest passion and I love that it brings together many of the arts - music, costume and stage design, along with choreography, to tell a story”Lincoln tells Sydney Eisteddfod. 

One of Sydney Eisteddfod’s main aim’s is to nurture this passion in the performing arts for all our entrants, through giving them opportunities to perform in front of crowds and perfect their technique.  

Jemima touched on how she believes her experience with Sydney Eisteddfod will assist her in the Prix de Lausanne. 

“I loved Sydney Eisteddfod this year. It was really nice to have a ballet class as part of the competition. This is good because most of the Prix De Lausanne is class work.” 

The candidates each told us the biggest advice they would bestow onto other aspiring dancers who dream of being selected for the Prix De Lausanne moving forward. 

“Imagine your dreams and set them as goals to make them achievable... always believe in yourself and that you can achieve these dreams and make them a reality”Bronte shared. 

We are super pleased for all the Sydney Eisteddfod alumni who have been selected and we will keep updated on their progress next year! We know that all nine candidates will do Australia, and New Zealand, extremely proud!