Grace Humphris

Grace Humphris. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Nine Australian dancers qualify for the 2019 Prix de Lausanne


Once again, plans for the annual Prix de Lausanne are being laid in Switzerland.  This year, 363 entrants from various countries entered prior to video selection for the 2019 Prix de Lausanne. Of these, 40 girls and 31 boys have since advanced into the semi-final. Another two girls and four boys were chosen by preselection, while two girls and a boy registered by invitation. This indicates a total of 80 dancers, from 17 different countries have qualified for the 2019 competition, and as nine extremely talented young dancers will be representing Australia, Sydney Eisteddfod takes pride in reporting that five of these are already veterans of its stages.

Hyo Shimizu 2018

Hyo Shimizu. Photo: WinkiPoP Media


Chloe Reynolds 2018

Chloe Reynolds. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

This Sydney Eisteddfod quintet includes Hyo Shimizu who has been training at the Conlan College and winning prizes since he was seven and emerged triumphant in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Robert & Elizabeth Albert Junior Classical Ballet Scholarship. Others who have demonstrated their talents at Sydney Eisteddfod include: Grace Humphris, Finalist in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship, and Chloe Reynolds from the National College of Dance; Queenslander Lily Cabone from Classical Coaching Australia;  and, Tyler Lindsay from the Perth School of Ballet, who displayed his skills during a visit to Sydney in 2017.

From what Sydney Eisteddfod has been told, the four remaining dancers are all equally talented, and along with the veterans of Sydney Eisteddfod stages we wish them all every success during their forthcoming visit to Switzerland.

The Prix de Lausanne is set to run from 3-10 February 2019 and during this period it will celebrate its 47th year. According to its Artistic Director and Chief Executive Kathryn Bradney, the standard of candidates chosen to appear this year is so exceptionally high,  the forthcoming competition promises to be outstanding in every way.

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