2019 Newcastle Choir



Published: 20/09/2019 3:45am

Newcastle Chamber Choir, Winner of Sydney Eisteddfod’s 2019 Australasian Open Choral Championship have been spiritedly singing their way around Australia.  

On 7 July 2019, the ensemble Newcastle Chamber Choir performed at Newcastle’s Babylon restaurant to an energetic crowd of Babylon customers and amazed fans. It was an incredible experience for all the lucky onlookers, and this only marks the start of a very bright future for this hardworking group of musicians. 

They have rapidly made significant progress since they first formed their group in February this year and have become stronger with each performance. In the space of six months, they have taken out First-place in every one of their events for 2019’s Sydney Eisteddfod and Canberra Eisteddfod.  

I'm proud of us for always going that extra little bit further to take our performance from very good to truly excellent”, says Heather, proud member of Newcastle Chamber Choir.  

Newcastle Chamber Choir are dedicated to ensuring that their audiences appreciate their music, but they are just as equally committed to making certain that the Choir work together and depend on each other, so they are constantly improving. 

Choir member Keira expanded on this when she mentioned what it is that motivates her group to succeed in this industry.  

“The huge wealth of music theory, composition and performance skill in the choir, mixed with the bond we have with each other; we owe it to the individual skills in the group to be the best we can collectively. 

This is certainly working very well for Newcastle Chamber Choir, as they sound incredible and they indeed know how to captivate an audience. This was clear from their winning repertoire at our Choral Championship this year which included phenomenal choral performances of hit songs by the Jackson 5 and more which enhanced the mood of the entire theatre. 

Newcastle Chamber Choir on stage at Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media 

Since winning Sydney Eisteddfods Choral Championships, the ensemble group are hard at work making efforts to perform at further venues in the coming months. They have productively used their ticket sale proceeds from their Babylon event to line up other exciting experiences for supporters in Australia. 

The award-winning Newcastle Chamber Choir are set to shine once again on Sunday 10 November at Lizottes Newcastle where they will be performing a full show of diverse chart-topper music including artists such as the Beatles, Billy Joel and Ariana Grande.   

If you are interested in coming along to this next event to watch Newcastle Chamber Choir perform, you can book online at https://lizottes.com.au/live/shows/booking. 

This charismatic Choir have received an array of performance advice since they formed their group. Some of the best advice that choir leader, Benjamin has received is in the area of moving past mistakes that are made along the journey. 

“Be prepared. Don't dwell on mistakes, they are in the past - outside your reach.” 

Fellow chorister Phillippa says the greatest advice she has been given is to “Work hard, then enjoy the music!”  

There is no doubt that Newcastle Chamber Choir have taken this advice in their stride as they do this so effortlessly in every performance. 

Sydney Eisteddfod can’t wait to see where their career in the performing arts takes them next and we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours