Macarthur Dance and Ballet

The Macarthur Ballet and Dance Studio on stage in the 2016 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

More group events for dancers!


Dance is the most popular category of events offered by Sydney Eisteddfod and each year the demand to add more events for different ages and smaller sized groups grows!

This year, the following four new events will be offered for dance groups:

485: Modern Expressive/Lyrical 4-9 Dancers (16 & Under)
488: Jazz 4-9 Dancers (12 & Under)
489: Contemporary 4-9 Dancers (12 & Under)
510: Contemporary/Modern Expressive/Lyrical Dance Group (10 & Under)

These new events will help to encourage smaller performance troupes to take to the stage, as well as allow younger performers to demonstrate their technique and training in Contemporary, Modern Expressive and Lyrical styles.