2020 SSOFellowship

Miles Mullin-Chivers joins the SSO Fellowship 2020!

Published: 16/03/2020 9:00am

Since entries for our annual Festival opened earlier this year, you may have noticed an image circulating of cellist Miles Mullin-Chivers, face of Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental for 2020.  

22-year-old Miles Mullin-Chivers was a Finalist last year in the Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship (16-25 years).  

After our 2019 Festival concluded toward the end of last year, Miles competed in the renowned Gisborne International Music Competition in New Zealand and took out First-place! 

We caught up with Miles to hear more about his time in the competition and his plans for 2020 as he strives to become a professional cellist moving into the future.

“This (Gisborne International Music Competition) was an incredible experience for me. I learnt so much through each performance, I just feel so lucky that I was given those opportunities to perform". 

According to Miles, winning Gisborne was a dream for years” so the experience has been his most proud moment in his young career so far. 

This year Miles was one of just ten people chosen to join the 2020 Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship program, an incredible once in a lifetime achievement! 

The program goes for one year and provides the emerging artists not only with an opportunity to work with the Sydney Symphony but to receive technical and practical mentoring by permanent orchestra members and the training needed to secure positions in professional orchestras globally. 

Miles let Sydney Eisteddfod in on what he is most looking forward to during his time with the SSO Fellowship.

“I’m really looking forward to playing Shostakovich Piano Concert No. 1 with the Fellows, and Shostakovich 5th Symphony with SSO. The other Fellows this year are such lovely and genuine people, I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful group... The experience has been amazing, I can’t wait to play more with them”. 

 Photo: Miles Mullin-Chivers playing the Cello, the face of the Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship 2020. Credit to WinkiPoP Media. 

Header photo: The SSO Fellows of 2020 featuring Miles on the cello. Credit to Tobias Rowles. 

Since we recently extended the entry cut-off for Sydney Eisteddfod until Monday March 23, we asked Miles to offer up any advice he might have for young people still thinking about entering the Instrumental Scholarship. 

“Go for it! It’s a wonderful and friendly performance opportunity. Don’t think about the outcome, just about how you can grow as a player... Any performance practice is good performance practice!”. 

Sydney Eisteddfod has extended the entry cut-off date for the 2020 Festival until next Monday March 23! Make sure to get your entries in now to avoid late fees and ensure you don't miss out on a spectacular year of emerging talent! 

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