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Meet the Donors - Kawai Australia


Published: 02/09/2020 2:00pm

The Sydney Eisteddfod Kawai Piano Scholarship has long been one of our most anticipated events of the year, and if it wasn’t for the pandemic it would have occurred a couple weeks back. 

Since the event did not get to happen in 2020, we thought we’d instead 'catch-up' with the principal donor of this event from the past many years - Kawai Australia.

Sydney Eisteddfod and Kawai have had a 30+ year partnership and Kawai have been instrumental in encouraging and developing the talent of our young pianists over all these years.

We caught up with the National Sales and Marketing Manager of Kawai Australia, Warrick Baker, to give our community a chance to ‘e-meet’ one of the faces behind Kawai, supporting events like our Piano Scholarship year after year.


Why do you believe it’s important for organisations like Kawai Australia to support the arts?

The resources we work with as a piano company largely come from the arts sector, so contributing to its good health is part of our own self-care into the future. But we’re all engaged personally with the arts and I think that’s what drives us.

We’re musical people with a really broad range of experience in Australia’s music scene and industry, we love what it gives to a community and brings out of a community, and we think more of it is generally a good thing.


Our partnership with Kawai has been going on for over 30 years now! What do you and others from Kawai most enjoy about our partnership?

It’s been an astonishingly durable partnership, hasn’t it? I’ve always appreciated being able to go to see these incredible musical talents perform in the Eisteddfod’s events, young people to whom a win could mean so much. The performers are so passionate and the competition really brings the best out of the best.

What I enjoy most, though, is the people. The relationship existed long before I came along here, and we share a lot of like-minded people.


What do you most enjoy about the Sydney Eisteddfod’s Kawai Piano Scholarship event and why?

The talent. I never tire of watching extremely talented people at the piano, bringing this instrument that I love so richly to life.

I’ve been awed and humbled by some of the talent I’ve seen come through the Scholarship. It’s wonderful to see the piano brought to life, but it’s a big dose of reality for a player of my level!


Is there anything in particular in your life which spurred your love and passion for the arts?

The arts are special because they celebrate creativity for creativity’s sake, and they provide a space for people to be uninhibited and to express themselves. And that’s where the richness of life comes from, I think, from human beings expressing themselves.

I think it’s a really special part of what it means to be human that we can sing, or dance or sculpt, and use that to tell our stories and invite the stories of others. There’s something magical about that. 


Thank you to Warrick for speaking to us on behalf of Kawai Australia and for all that Kawai has done (and continues to do for) Sydney Eisteddfod.

We so deeply value our special partnership with Kawai that has been ongoing for over the past 30 years and are so thankful for the opportunities they have enabled for young performers every year.

If you can, please consider donating to help Sydney Eisteddfod come back bigger and better in 2021.

Your generous support will allow us to continue to champion and celebrate our young performing artists for generations to come.