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Meet the Donors - John & Tania Lamble


Published: 07/07/2020 2:00pm

If 2020 had gone ahead as usual and a world pandemic hadn’t put a cork in our plans, Sydney Eisteddfod would be fast approaching the half-way point of our annual Festival right about now. 

Many events would have taken place by this point across all genresincluding all our choral events and namely the John Lamble Foundation Australasian Championship for Youth Choirs. 

John Lamble AO is one of Sydney Eisteddfod’s most generous and passionate supporters and does so much for us year after year with the help of his daughter Tania Lamble. 

John sponsors many of our choral events as well as numerous others and we are so beyond thankful for his ongoing support of our mission. 

We recently spoke with John and Tania Lamble, to give you all an opportunity to virtually ‘meet’ the wonderful people who make many of our events possible every year. 


Why do you believe it’s important to support the arts? 


It produces great pleasure. 

Music of course has a lot of other features, it’s very good for the mind. 


"It is just a marvellous opportunity to meet likeminded people who are at the same stage as the student.  

I remember my daughter performing in the under 10s and she looked sad afterwards. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she just wanted to go back up on stage because it was so fun. 

For me, performing is a scary experience but for her it was a chance to show her talents, be with friends and celebrate music and that must be the inspiration for everyone. 

What do you enjoy most about Sydney Eisteddfod’s Choral events and why? 


I enjoy the enthusiasm of the kids who are singing and the great joy that they get from performing. I know that it’s wonderful for teamwork building and the feeling of working together. 


“Every year is a surprise. Every year I make notes and try to pick the winner and I am usually wrong! 

I find it a very rich musical experience as there are so many different items as far as the different kinds of songs that are chosen etc. Some of the songs are humorous, some people also do soundscapes which I really enjoy.

2020 TaniaLamble[Tania Lamble presenting an award at the Sydney Eisteddfod Choral Championship Finals 2019]

What have you gained from supporting Sydney Eisteddfod over the years? 


I gained the satisfaction from seeing so many young people getting involved, learning, I think they all much the better for participating in it. 

I also think taking part in something like Sydney Eisteddfod contributes towards them being good citizens. 


I’ve met the competitors and I’ve seen how thrilling it is to compete and the excitement that the competition brings them. 

Is there anything which initially spurred your love and passion for the arts? 


The arts have always been important. It’s been a very good influence on young people’s lives, and it gives me a great reward to see.” 


"It continues from what happened when I was at school. I played violin at school, performed in plays and was in the orchestra. 

In my adulthood I’ve been able to see a great variety of performances. Dad introduced me to Opera when I was 40 so that was a new experience for me too. 


We thank John and Tania for all they have done and continue to do for Sydney Eisteddfod. 

The opportunities which they have enabled for young performers has resulted in life-long engagement with the performing arts for so many people.

If you are able to, please consider making a donation to help Sydney Eisteddfod come back bigger and better in 2021.

Your generous support will allow us to continue to champion and celebrate our young performing artists for generations to come.