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Published: 09/09/2019 8:30am

The excitement is building for the annual Sydney Eisteddfod DANCE OF CHAMPIONS on Sunday September 15!

The Sydney Eisteddfod Dance of Champions features this year’s most outstanding dance troupes from across all genres and age groups performing in a spectacular “battle of the best” format with fun, energetic and talented dancers displaying their talents all under one roof.

Here we introduce you to 3 of our 18 talented and amazing finalists!


oxford falls2Oxford Falls, NSW
Secondary School Jazz/Musical Theatre Dance Group (Yrs 7 to 12)

Oxford Falls Grammar School is highly regarded as a leading Independent School specialising in the Performing Arts. Their experienced and passionate Dance, Music and Drama teachers inspire and develop students skills from Kindergarten to Year 12.

St Catherine's School

st catherines

Waverley, NSW
Primary School Dance Group (Yrs K to 4)

At St Catherine’s they believe dance creates confident and supportive young women and their dance program endeavours to reflect this belief. The Junior Dance team are thrilled to represent St Catherine’s at Dance of Champions.

Whitney Schofield Dance Academy

whitney schofield

St Ives / Ryde, NSW
Classical Ballet/Demi-Character Group (10/u)

WSDA is an elite dance studio in St Ives & Ryde where students are trained to appreciate the love of dance in a warm, family orientated environment. They are proud to have this beautiful troupe represent them at the Dance of Champions.


Sydney Eisteddfod wishes all our performers good luck!!

For more information or to secure the last remaining tickets click the link below!