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Matt Lee cast as Olaf in Disney's Frozen!


Published: 01/03/2021 10:00am

Sydney Eisteddfod alumnus, Matt Lee, is a well-known Australian Actor and Dancer, starring in many iconic roles since his time performing on the Sydney Eisteddfod stage in his youth. 

His young career has already been met with such phenomenal success and has seen him perform in many live productions including, Mary Poppins, Singin' in the Rain, and We Will Rock You - to name a few! 

Most recently, Matt has been cast in the theatrical adaption of the iconic Disney movie, Frozen, playing the beloved character of Olaf. 

We caught up with Matt to hear all about how his career has been going since he performed on stage with Sydney Eisteddfod in his teen years. 


You are currently engaged in the role of Olaf in the Australian production of Frozen! What has this experience been like with the pandemic and many restrictions still in place?   

"Trying to mount a massive commercial musical during a pandemic definitely has had its obstacles but none so big that Disney couldn’t tackle. 

"Getting to play the role of Olaf is pretty amazing. To hear the audience gasp when I enter the stage will never get old. The difference between this show and others that I’ve worked on is obviously the restrictions the government has put in place. 

"Masks, sanitiser and social distancing are all practices we’ve had to get used to as being the new normal along with the rest of the world".  

You have been a part of so many incredible productions, TV shows and much more in your career so far. What has been one of the biggest highlights for you?   

"So many highlights, it’s hard to pick just one... 

"So You Think You Can Dance will always be a massive highlight for me as it is a show which celebrates Dancers and Choreographers. I will always be a dancer first, so to have a show that puts them in the forefront is amazing". 

Other than 'So You Think You Can Dance, you have been a presenter on countless others like 'Talkin bout your Generation’ and 'Big Brother'. 

How have you managed to calm your nerves and keep confident knowing you are being watched by so many? 

"Try not to think about it.

"An audience can connect more with you when you’re being your honest self. I would just remind myself to relax and be myself as that’s what got me there in the first place".

You performed at the Sydney Eisteddfod annual Festival for many years. Are there any skills and performance tips that you gained via your experiences each year?

"I think the more time you spend on stage the more comfortable you become.

"I spent many years honing my craft and getting comfortable on stage at the Sydney Eisteddfod. I’m incredibly grateful that I had that outlet and healthy competition to grow as a young performer".

Finally, do you have any advice for our aspiring entrants who perform in our Festival and dream of experiencing the opportunities which you have had so far?

"Be a sponge. Keep working hard and never stop learning. It’s when we think we know it all that we limit ourselves from growth and being our very best".

Well said Matt! If you haven't already, make sure to enter Sydney Eisteddfod 2021 before it's too late.

Get your entries in before March 12 to gain valuable performance experience that will give you invaluable life skills of confidence and determination to help make your dreams into a reality!


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