2019 magdalenna

Magdalenna Krstevska studies at Royal College of Music London!


Published: 02/12/2019 8:30am

Magdalenna Krstevska, Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Doctors Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship just keeps on achieving, recently receiving an Award Grant from the Australian Music Foundation (AMF)! 
Magdalenna received a special named award from the Foundation, being the AMF Nora Goodridge Developing Artist Award. 
The financial support she received from the Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Scholarship and the AMF Award Grant are going directly towards her studies in London at the Royal College of Music, where Magdalenna is now located for a two-year Master of Performance course! 

We caught up with Magdalenna and she shared her first reactions when she found out she received the award, her experience thus far at the Royal College of Music and her future dreams as a professional clarinetist. 


Music has been a big part of my life from when I was very little. First in the form of singing! When I was little my mother led a women’s choir and taught us many songs and took us to concerts and music festivals, including the Daylesford Singers’ Festival every year! 

Are there any particular musicians you love to listen to, and why? 

Now that I am in London, I’ve been going to heaps of concerts, and have loved being exposed to a whole host of new musicians that I haven’t had the opportunity to hear before. I’ve heard the London Symphony, London Philharmonic, Southbank Sinfonia, local chamber music concerts, and more.  

In Australia, I have a couple of favourite ensembles to watch, one of which is Ensemble Liaison, which includes my old teacher, clarinetist David Griffiths. 

I also love listening to non-classical musicians, and find myself drawn to strong-minded, individual female musicians, who inspire me with their beautiful performances and powerful stage presence. Some artists include Kira Puru, Vera Blue, Sahara Beck and Kaiit. I’m always keen to whole-heartedly support female creativity and excellence in all spheres, particularly in the performing arts! 

You were among only 11 others to receive a grant from the AMF to support your studies overseas! What was your  reaction when you found out? 

I was absolutely stoked, I’m pretty sure I did a little happy dance! I was incredibly excited to receive this financial support, which is going straight into my studies in London. 

What are you most looking forward regarding your studies at the Royal College of Music in London? 

I’m most excited about having the chance to continue doing what I love in a top-level, international environment. I’m ready to be challenged by new opportunities, and to grow as a musician from exposure to new ways of approaching and performing music. The Royal College of Music is one of the top conservatoriums in the world, thanks to its incredible faculty, facilities and the opportunities it offers students. 

Already I have had the chance to travel to Paris for a side-by-side project with the Paris Conservatoire, I have performed a chamber music program of Thomas Ades music at the Royal Festival Hall and have performed large wind ensemble repertoire at an in-house RCM concert. 

You were the Winner of the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod NSW Drs Orchestra Instrumental Scholarship! How did you find your experience? 

I really enjoyed my experience at the Sydney Eisteddfod this year. I really took away from it that hard work and persistence pays off! 
I am incredibly grateful to the Sydney Eisteddfod for the generous financial support that this scholarship is providing me in my studies in London. It makes such a huge difference!!  

What would be your dream job and why? 

It’s my dream to win a principal position in a world-class orchestra. Alongside this I would like to continue a fulfilling chamber music and solo performance career as well. Not to mention mentoring the next generation of young clarinet players!

Both Sydney Eisteddfod and the NSW Doctors Orchestra have every faith in Magdalenna's dream becoming a reality, and are sure she is going to be extremely successful in her pursuit for excellence, go girl!