Maddie Peat

Maddie Peat

Maddie Peat Puts On Her Boogie Shoes For Saturday Night Fever


Published: 03/06/2019 11:00am

Professional dancer and Sydney Eisteddfod alumni Maddie Peat has seen enormous commercial success, most recently scoring a role in Saturday Night Fever starring Marcia Hines.

Maddie performed at Sydney Eisteddfod between 2008-2011. She won events such as Jazz Dance (15 yrs), Jazz Dance (17 yrs) and Modern Expressive/Lyrical Dance (17 yrs), and was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2011 Ballet Scholarship.

Maddie began dancing at two years-old at K&V Dance Corp in Sydney where she danced growing up. Later on, she attended Tanya Pearson Academy for full time training.

“My parents put me in dancing when I was two because I had a lot of energy to burn…the moment I stepped on stage for the first time I fell in love with the feeling of performing.”

Since performing at Sydney Eisteddfod Maddie has been offered a number of professional opportunities. In 2011 she was accepted in to six ballet schools in Europe – though she decided to pursue her path in musical theatre, later starring in Bonnie Lythgoe Productions’ Snow White and her favourite job to date, Dirty Dancing the Musical where she played the principal role of Penny.

“It was so rewarding doing the acting and the dancing. I keep those memories very close to my heart and thank my lucky stars every day for that job!”

Maddie is also an ambassador for Bloch Australia and has participated in photoshoots for Bloch International. She was even a Top 12 contestant on hit show So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Season 4). Maddie recalls this opportunity as a “huge experience and an incredible one”.

In 2017 Maddie worked with iconic Australian rock band INXS in their collaboration with Optus to pay tribute to the band’s “greatest album” Kick, and perform a routine to Never Tear Us Apart. Maddie said, “working with INXS was also a huge highlight in my career, they are such an iconic Aussie brand and being able to collaborate with them and share my creative input was such an extraordinary experience”.

In 2019 she landed a role in Saturday Night Fever The Musical alongside Marcia Hines, Paulini and Timomatic as part of the ensemble.

"Saturday Night Fever is an incredible musical! I LOVE doing this show, the dance numbers are extremely intense and by far the hardest dance routines I’ve ever had to do…we’ve all worked super hard to get to the show to look the way it does.”

When reminiscing about her time at Sydney Eisteddfod, Maddie says she loved July because that was when Sydney Eisteddfod took place.

“The adjudicators were always extremely professional and the staff kind and supportive. Winning anything at Sydney Eisteddfod was always a huge achievement for me...Sydney Eisteddfod definitely nurtured my performance skills and helped me to grow and love my time on stage even more.”

Following Saturday Night Fever, Maddie hopes to book another musical or an ongoing role in a TV show. She also keeps busy with her own dance school Compeat Dance in Sydney's Sutherland Shire. She calls herself lucky to be able to pass her experience on to her students.

Maddie says the best performance advice she has received is to “always be yourself and be true to what your talent is…there is room for everyone in this industry and each individuals’ unique talents”.

To those performing in Sydney Eisteddfod, Maddie says, “Work as hard as you can leading up to the event, that way no matter how it goes you know in your heart you have done everything you could have to be the best you can be…it’s about the personal growth and making yourself proud, enjoying your time on stage and being able to enjoy the hard work you have put in”.