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Lily Kennedy-Head Shooting for the Stars!


Published: 06/11/2019 8:30am

12-year-old Lily Kennedy-Head has been shooting for the stars all throughout 2019, and she has reached great success in doing so! 

Lily has been off to a flying start since the beginning of the year, auditioning in March for Youth in Performing Arts Central Coast (YIPA) amongst 700 other applicants and was one of 80 successful people to get through to the four live shows. 

This was my first time doing YIPA and I loved every minute. The audition process was very friendly, they made me feel really comfortable”. 

After her amazing set of performances, Lily was one of only five people to receive a special award for her time at YIPA.  

YIPA taught me some singing and acting skills that I will use forever. Also singing at the Laycock Theatre to a large audience has helped with my confidence”. 

Whilst putting in the hard work to audition for and then perform with YIPA, Lily also managed to successfully compete in this year's Sydney Eisteddfod. 

In the 2019 Sydney Eisteddfod, Lily competed in four events and she impressively placed in all the events that she enrolled in for her age bracket. 

She took out First-place for her Song from a Musical, came Third for her Jazz/Blues Singer performance, received a Highly Commended for her Vocal Performance and most notably she was a selected as a Finalist for our exclusive Junior Singer of the Year event. 

Sydney Eisteddfod was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again. It was an amazing experience and I learnt so much from just performing and watching others perform”. 

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Lily Kennedy-Head performing at Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Singer of the Year Finals 2019 

As a result of Lily’s performance at the Sydney Eisteddfod Junior Singer of the Year Final, she was talented scouted by The Voice to attend an audition for their upcoming season 9 which will be televised in 2020. 

While Lily did not go further than the audition stage for The Voice (which was largely due to her young age in comparison to her adult competitors) she gained invaluable experience in this industry as she was up against some incredibly fierce competition. 

Lily has taken her experience with The Voice in her stride and to sum up her positive attitude about her experiences she has shared her favourite quote with Sydney Eisteddfod:  

“The key to a good career is self-discipline". 

She says that this quote reminds her to never gives up on her performance dreams despite the hurdles she may face along the way.  

This self-discipline of Lily’s has certainly paid off, as she was recently cast to perform as The Cheshire Cat in the Gosford Musical Society Production of Alice in Wonderland in January 2020. 

This is one of the first main roles that Lily has scored in her young career so far and we are sure she will do very well. 

Alice rehearsals are going great. Everyone in the cast is lovely and the production team is so caring and kind. I have never played an acting role before, so I am super excited to be learning new things about theatre acting”. 

"I am looking forward to when the public get to see the production and to perform this show with the amazing cast.” 

Lily’s absolute dream job would be to be in a Broadway or Westend show and she also would love to be a dance teacher. Lily knows these are big dreams, but in her words - “You have to dream big to succeed!” 

Sydney Eisteddfod knows Lily will do very well in whatever she chooses to do, as not only is she a talented performer, she is persistent and driven to keep trying new things and reaching new limits.