Joshua Green

Joshua Green. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Joshua Green on Ballet


"Opportunity, joy, focus, dedication, passion"
-Joshua Green, Finalist in The Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship for 2018

"I love ballet for a few reasons. In this day in age so much is changing in our world, which is great. The world is evolving and that's what we need within society. But when I think about it, ballet is one of the only things that has stayed so true to its origins. It's something you cannot change because otherwise it isn't ballet anymore, it becomes something else. It is so consistent throughout time and I love that about ballet. I also love that ballet has the power to make people feel without the use of words. The idea that you can make people feel an emotion like sadness, joy, empathy or anger just with a movement is amazing to me. And lastly, I love the challenge. The challenge of making something that is so unnatural, seem not only natural but easy, excites me. When you think of a typical sport, it's okay if they show the pain they are in or the effort that it takes, but for a dancer it's all about the ease and making the impossible seem possible."