Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold, winner of the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod Verse Speaking (11 Years) event.

Joshua Arnold on Public Speaking


11-year-old Joshua Arnold impressed not only the judges, but also himself in the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod, receiving fantastic results despite it being his first year taking part.

After travelling from Goulburn to participate in Speech & Drama events, he walked away with a first place in the Verse Speaking (11 Years) event, a second place for the Prose Speaking (11 & 12 Years) event and a third place for the Monologue/Character (11 Years) event.  

Joshua is an active public speaker and takes up any opportunity that arises. 

“I love public speaking!” he explained.

“My passion for Speech and Drama was realised in Kindergarten, after I recited a poem in the Goulburn Eisteddfod.”

“For some reason, getting up in front of a group and sharing my thoughts isn’t that daunting for me.  I actually really enjoy it. I am the type of person who likes to be heard by people around me. I want others to know what I think about a certain experience or situation. Along with putting my opinions out there, I also enjoy to talk about information that I know. Things I have learned, I love to share with others.”

Joshua also recently represented his school at the Rostrum Primary Public Speaking Competition, which he revealed is “the longest running public speaking organization in the world as it was founded in July in 1923 in Manchester in the U.K.” 

“There were competitors present from Goulburn and the surrounding district… It demonstrated the great range and talent of the young people in our community.” 

Despite having competed in his local eisteddfod for many years, this year saw Joshua crave bigger challenges such as Sydney Eisteddfod, which he describes as a great experience.  

“I have seen that there are very talented individuals all over NSW and it was a great learning experience to be amongst this diversity.”

Sydney Eisteddfod prides itself on providing performances opportunities for aspiring artists from all over Australia and internationally.