Jemima Scott 2018

Jemima Scott. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Jemima follows her ballet dreams


Sydney Eisteddfod is delighted to report that Jemima Scott, who danced in the final round of the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship, continues to follow her dreams of becoming a professional dancer since returning to New Zealand.  Jemima has been offered an internship with The Royal New Zealand Ballet and has also added a victory in the dance section of the PACANZ (Arts Competition Association New Zealand) to her laurels. 

When taking part in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship, Jemima said that dancing in the Royal New Zealand Ballet  would be a dream come true and Sydney Eisteddfod is delighted to have been a part of her journey.

"Sydney Eisteddfod has helped me learn that when I go out on stage I should give everything I have and dance to move people because I love it so much," said Jemima.

"It is an amazing experience dancing alongside talented people. I learnt so much from watching others and seeing how other people do things," she said.

"In ballet, there is always something that can be improved and I love seeing how I can improve more and more and the feeling of knowing you have done all of the hard work for it," she said.

Jemima's experience at Sydney Eisteddfod has given her the confidence to try different competitions and she said that the opportunity to dance at the Sydney Opera House was an amazing experience. 

Sydney Eisteddfod wishes Jemima every success as she follows her dreams.


Jemima Scott

Jemima Scott performing in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship. Photo: WInkiPoP Media


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