Jeffrey Cheah on Guitar


"Colourful, Temperamental, Charming, Intimate, Ambiverted."
- Guitarist Jeffrey Cheah, Finalist in the 2017 NSW Drs Orchestra Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Scholarship  

"The guitar is a strange instrument in many ways. It's one of the least ergonomic instruments you could play, it is capable of - but not amazing at - polyphony, it can't sustain a melodic line beyond a few seconds, figuring out optimal fingerings for any given piece of music can be an absolute nightmare, and its dynamic range struggles to compete with even the quietest orchestral instruments. Despite all of this, I've always found myself drawn into the minuscule world of sound that the classical guitar can offer. Those limitations and shortcomings give the guitar its charm and is a huge reason why I love playing it. I've always enjoyed music and I've always enjoyed logical puzzles, and the guitar really feeds those parts of my brain that need to be challenged. Not to say that any other instrument wouldn't have done this for me, but I believe that the guitar holds challenges that no other instrument does - both in navigating the instrument, but also navigating a potential career path - no orchestral option for us!"