Jason Noble is a clarinettist performing in styles from classical to experimental and popular music. He has experimented with all members of the clarinet family and dabbled on saxillo, clarinis, keyboards and bagpipe.As a core member of Ensemble Offspring for the past fifteen years, he has toured to Europe, Asia, and performed in most Australian cities and regional centres.

Recent projects highlight the variety of work Jason is involved with. ‘Am I’, with Nick Wales and the Shaun Parker Dance Company, has toured festivals in Germany, Stockholm, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. He has twice visited the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Kabul to perform and teach. He performed with theTiwiWomen’s Strong Group Ngarukruwala at the 2016 Sydney Festival.

Jason has collaborated with popular musicians Sally Seltmann, Holly Throsby and Jess Green, and has recorded two albums with the Tiwi women’s group Ngarukuruwala. He has been awarded ‘Best Performance’ as part of the APRA/AMC Art Music Awards with Ensemble Offspring, and premiered the winning compositions ‘A Flock of Stars’ by Lyn Williams and ‘The Secret Noise’ by Damien Ricketson.

In 2016, Jason produced and presented a new radio program on Fine Music 102.5FM. Entitled ‘New Australian Music for the HSC’, the program offered students, teachers, performers and composers an outlet for celebrating their work.

Jason has taught in the Musicology Department of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for more than ten years, where he also obtained his bachelor degree with first class honours. He has taught at Moriah College,Trinity Grammar, MLC Burwood, Gondwana Voices, Sydney Boys High,North Sydney Boys High and Bellevue Hill Primary School.

Jason is also the Assistant Chief Examiner for Woodwind at the A.M.E.B, examining at both grade and diploma levels.