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Introducing You to The Wall of Fame


Published: 10/02/2020 8:30am

With entries for Sydney Eisteddfod 2020 opening last month, anticipation for our highly esteemed Ballet Scholarship is on the rise. 

Sydney Eisteddfod is very excited to announce that The Conlan College is on board as one of our venue partners for the Ballet Scholarship and we will be holding the Ballet Master Classes there! 

We spoke with Susan from Conlan College who has provided an insight into what can be expected when visiting the College for Sydney Eisteddfod's Ballet Scholarship 2020.

“Our beautiful studios are light and airy, and all have fully sprung floors with performance quality Tarkett.  I hope that we will be able to provide the dancers with a professional environment to enable them to dance their best”, Susan tells Sydney Eisteddfod.  

We also have our own inhouse café where our amazing ‘Fi’, will be able to take care of parents and supporters of all the dancers by providing them with coffee, snacks, lunches and so on. 

Everyone at The Conlan College is looking forward to welcoming Sydney Eisteddfod to our studios”. 

Every year, The Conlan College brings many of its talented students to Sydney Eisteddfod, one of these gifted students being Hyo Shimizu, Winner of the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship 2019. Hyo is now using his prize winnings to help fund his studies at the Akademie des Tanzes Mannheim in Germany. 

Susan enlightened us about the ‘Wall of Fame’ at the College, which they use as a way of staying in touch with all their students, (including Hyo) who are studying and working overseas. 

“At The Conlan College, we value our close, family relationships and our graduates retain strong ties to their time here.  Many of them are now either continuing their studies or working overseas and we very much like to keep in touch with them all.  To continually remind us of where they all are, and what time zone they are in, we have a series of clocks on our “Wall of Fame” to denote the cities they currently reside in. 

The cities represented on our wall now include Zurich, Munich, Mannheim, Dresden, London, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Washington, New York, Zwickau, Magdeburg, Sydney and Brisbane". 

['Wall of Fame' at Conlan College, showing the times in various states around the globe where students (past + present) are studying & working] 

Susan, who has taught Hyo from a young age, spoke to us about Hyo’s development as a Ballet dancer from then till now. 

“Whenever we set Hyo a new goal, he would work and work and work until he achieved it. I still remember the day, at only 9 years old, when he asked us to “Watch this!” … and promptly executed a pretty decent double tour en lair!  His smile was a joy to see! 

I’ve often described Hyo as a “machine” who just keeps going and going.  He will never let anyone down.  His dedication has always shone through and very few people will ever know the long hours he put in at the studio before and after classes to develop his body and talent”. 

2020 HyoShimizuin2019[Hyo Shimizu performing at the Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship in 2019. Photo: WinkiPoP Media]

We also spoke with the man of the moment, Hyo, to get his perspective on everything that's been happening in his life to date.

“After moving to Germany and starting my training at Akademie des Tanzes Mannheim, I was relieved to find that the teachers and coaches here are all exceptional... I have learnt lots since coming here including technical aspects in class, new vocabulary, and different ways to work in different situations”. 

He also had words of gratitude to offer to The Conlan College for his development into becoming a professional dancer. 

“The Conlan College has been my home since I started dancing. It has given me the chance to work with many different teachers, discover and learn different styles and techniques in dance. 

The teachers have supported my growth and guided me towards creating the best mindset in order to become a dancer, which I must say has helped me so much since moving overseas. The amount of knowledge and experience I have gained from this school will stay with me forever". 

Hyo also spoke to us about his experience at Sydney Eisteddfod’s Ballet Scholarship last year, letting us know what he took away from the Festival. 

“I was able to produce results that I did not expect to achieve, and I was able to create unforgettable memories alongside making new friends. Every year at Sydney Eisteddfod I am able to test my skills and use the chance to be on stage to improve”. 

We are so proud of Hyo and all he is achieving on his journey to become a dance professional working with a prestigious Ballet Company. 

Sydney Eisteddfod cannot wait to be working this year with The Conlan College. Both Sydney Eisteddfod and The Conlan College are proud to play a part in nurturing the next generation of young performers and we can't wait for the Festival to begin!

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