Matisse Lewis 2018

Matisse Lewis. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

An interview with Matisse Lewis


Matisse Lewis, winner of the second scholarship in the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod Ballet Scholarship, sponsored by Mary Zuber in memory of the late Mrs Judith Greenep, reveals the beauty of ballet in being able to communicate without words and the amazing overseas opportunity that has come her way.

What inspired your passion for ballet?

My real passion for ballet started when I realised as a little girl with a language disorder that I can express myself without speaking. It gave me confidence and resilience.

who inspired you to start ballet ?

I have my speech therapist to thank for that, as initially she thought it would help with dyslexia. I believe it has.

What motivates you as a ballet dancer ?

The real motivation comes from within, it’s my passion .

Tell us a little bit about your classical and free variation that you performed in the final.

My classical variation was “Esmeralda”, a challenging and fun piece that I love to perform with its amazing energy. Esmeralda to me has got attitude and she has a strong and flirty personality .

My free variation was called ‘forced change’, and it evolves every time I perform it ! It’s about growth, resilience and breaking boundaries. 

Which performers inspire you and why?

I love that Iana Salenko uses her amazing , powerful physicality to express herself. I also love Marianela Nunez for her beautiful storytelling .

What is the best piece of performance advice given?

Trust your body and technique. Just go out there and express how much you love it .

What have you learnt from the Sydney Eisteddfod?

I think Sydney Eisteddfod, especially this event, is great preparation for auditions in the future with its many elements and levels. With each class and variation you learn to give more of yourself.

What would you say to a young dancer who was thinking of entering?

Sydney Eisteddfod is a great experience to put yourself out there, learn and watch amazing talent and no matter what the outcome you meet new friends, have fun and gain knowledge .

What do you hope to achieve next?

I’ve been lucky to have been given a place with the “John Cranko Schule “in Stuttgart starting in September. I will, for a couple of years just be concentrating on learning, getting strong and doing my best. I’m hoping with a lot more hard work I will obtain a position in an amazing company in the future .

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