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What is Sydney Eisteddfod?

Regarded as one of the largest and most successful competitive performing arts festivals of its type in the world, Sydney Eisteddfod is a cultural organisation that has been encouraging aspiring performers of all ages and types in the pursuit of excellence for almost nine decades. Its program includes a range of classical and contemporary events for singers, dancers, actors, musicians, bands, choirs and orchestras. Since its beginning in 1933, over 2.5million entrants have performed on the Sydney Eisteddfod stages, competing for leisure, cash prizes or scholarships for future study. It now attracts over 35,000 entrants, who perform to an audience of over 170,000 people.

Over $400,000 worth of cash, scholarships and prizes to be won! 

Why take part in Sydney Eisteddfod?

The Eisteddfod offers a chance to build confidence and skills through performing to an audience, and provides helpful notes from expert adjudicators. Whether you can sing, dance, act, recite or play an instrument, it’s a unique opportunity to meet others in the same field and compare performances. Many people take part for personal satisfaction and enjoyment, while aspiring professionals attempt to win cash prizes and scholarships to help fund further study. Whether for fun or financial reward, performing in public helps them develop the confidence they will need to succeed on whatever path they follow in future. 

Where & when is it held?

Sydney Eisteddfod will be held at various venues across the Sydney Metropolitan area from May through to October. You can find a full list of Sydney Eisteddfod events on the Sydney Eisteddfod website. 

What categories are there?

There are more than 300 events and 8 major categories, including: Classical Singing, Contemporary Singing, Choirs, Piano, Instrumental Solos, Instrumental Groups, Speech and Drama and Dance.  

Who can enter the Sydney Eisteddfod?

The Eisteddfod is an open competition which helps nurture the development of your artistic and creative skills in the community and, subject to individual event guidelines. Anyone can enter from all ages, and from anywhere across from country from Point Piper to Kalgoorli!

I don't take professional lessons so am I good enough to enter?

It's all about giving it a go and having fun, so if you think you are good enough then you are. If you are still unsure, ask someone who has entered. There are forums and blogs on the internet where people post their experiences.

Can I purchase tickets to Sydney Eisteddfod events? 

All sessions are open to the public and admission charges apply. You can purchase tickets from the venue on the day of the event, subject to availability. Sydney Eisteddfod is going Cashless. EFTPOS facility available at ALL VENUES. 

You can pre-purchase tickets to a number of Sydney Eisteddfod’s principal events online. 

For entrants, a benefit of participation is to watch and learn from the performances of others, and to take full advantage of this unique opportunity, as well as to give encouragement and support to other entrants. Entrants must show their Appearance Advice in order to gain free admission to their own event only. Otherwise admission charges will apply if watching other events. 

When do concession ticket prices apply?

Pension, Seniors & Student card holders and Friends of Sydney Eisteddfod (for general sessions only) can purchase tickets at concession prices (ID must be shown). 

When do cHILD/YOUTH ticket prices apply?

Child/Youth prices apply for all patrons 18 years & under. ID may be requested by a Sydney Eisteddfod staff member. 

Who is Sydney Eisteddfod?

Sydney Eisteddfod presents its annual festival with the help of arts and education professionals. An independent community based organisation, Sydney Eisteddfod is a not for-profit company limited by guarantee. As a registered charity in NSW, it is listed on the federal Register of Cultural Organisations eligible to receive tax-deductible donations.

Sydney Eisteddfod operates with a small staff who, with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers, work tirelessly throughout the year to bring the annual competition to life. As Sydney Eisteddfod receives no state or federal government funding, it relies on the financial generosity and support it receives from private and corporate citizens.

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Sponsors and Supporters 

Is Sydney Eisteddfod affiliated with a government department?

Sydney Eisteddfod is a separate entity and has no direct affiliation with the Government. It receives no government funding - state or federal. Sydney Eisteddfod is a not for-profit organisation that relies on financial support from sponsors and donations to stage the Sydney Eisteddfod Festival.


When do entries close?

Events close progressively as they become fully subscribed.

Entries received after Monday March 21 2022 will incur late fees and entries received after Monday 16 May 2022 will be subject to additional (late) fees. Please refer to General Rules & Conditions Item 5.

Late entries are only accepted, subject to our timetabling capacity and program deadline without obligation. Many events will have closed for entry before this date.

Sydney Eisteddfod reserves the right to publish a list of ‘additional entries’ on its website in Entrant Corner with further extra names sent to venues. 

How is my age calculated?

Entrant age is calculated as the age at 31 December, 2022.  In other words, the age you turn in the current year.

How do I enter?

ENTER ONLINE  - This is the quickest, easiest and most efficient and secure way to enter and make payment.

CHOOSE THE EVENTS - Find the event/s you want to enter. Make sure the conditions for the event/s you want to enter are appropriate to you.  Check that you are the correct age for the events selected - determined at 31 December, 2022.

READ THE RULES! Entries are accepted subject to the General Rules and Conditions. You should also read the rules & conditions specific to each category and event.

How do I know my online entry has been processed?

You should receive an email from eWay (if paying by credit card) confirming your credit card payment followed by a separate email from Sydney Eisteddfod confirming the events you have chosen to enter. If you do not receive both of these emails, please contact AFTER 10 days of submitting your form, as your entry process may not have been completed.

If I can’t turn up for my event can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, entry fees are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. 

Do I have to purchase a FESTIVAL eprogram?

Purchase of a Festival eProgram is compulsory for all entrants except where they come from the SAME FAMILY ADDRESS. Teachers submitting entries for individual students MUST PURCHASE a Festival eProgram for each soloist, except where they share the same family address. As the online entry form only allows for one compulsory Festival eProgram on checkout, teachers who enter multiple students on the SAME online entry form are requested to ring Sydney Eisteddfod on 02 9261 8366 with their credit card to complete their compulsory Festival eProgram purchase requirements.

It is recommended that groups from the same academy or school buy a copy of the Festival eProgram for EACH TEACHER/CONDUCTOR/SUPERVISOR as it contains important information about event conditions, registration, etc.

I have put in a second or multiple order of entry and charged again for a Mandatory Festival eProgram. How do I get a refund?

Purchase of a Festival eProgram is compulsory for all entrants except where they come from the same family address and/or if you have already purchased an eProgram with a previous entry. The selection of mandatory eProgram has been set as default for all orders. If placing a second order and paying for a second eProgram, please email with both order confirmation numbers and we will refund the second program cost. Alternatively you can make a note of the same in the space provided at the checkout.

How do I know that my entry has been received?

If you have not received an order confirmation in your email address (provided on the entry form) AFTER 10 days from entering, your entry has not been received. You will need to contact Sydney Eisteddfod.

What happens after submitting my entry?

YOUR ENTRY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT: After your entry has been processed, we will send a receipt to the email address provided on the entry form confirming the events entered and the fees paid. You must contact us if you haven’t received this email AFTER 10 days of lodgement. Please check the details carefully and notify us immediately of any errors, including spelling of names, etc. Corrections for the Festival eProgram cannot be made after 1 April 2022. All changes must be in writing- email preferred. Please ensure that our emails are not blocked by your spam filters.

YOUR APPEARANCE ADVICE: Once final timetabling has been completed, an Appearance Advice PDF will be emailed to the address on your entry form, confirming the event date, session time, venue and your entrant number. This document (printed or in electronic format on your phone or tablet) should be brought to all events as identification if requested. You must contact us if this Advice hasn’t arrived by the end of the third week of April. Please refer to General Rules and Conditions 11.

STAYING IN CONTACT: For us to keep in touch with you, it is essential that YOU keep in touch with us! Email all changes (address or contact details) or queries to our office. Please don’t submit changes over the phone, we have thousands of entrants each year and we are unable to handle large numbers of phone calls. Entrants from the country or interstate MUST also provide their Sydney contact details.

I received my entry confirmation receipt but I didn’t RECEIVE THE LINK FOR MY FESTIVAL eprogram.

You will receive the link to your Festival eProgram via email shortly after receiving your Appearance Advice. If it hasn't arrived before the starting date of the Eisteddfod's first event (16 May), email

My name is incorrectly spelt what can I do?

It is imperative (as advised) that you check your entry receipt carefully and notify Sydney Eisteddfod immediately via email of any errors. Once the final timetabling is completed no corrections can be made.

At the event

There are several dates listed for my event, why is this? 

Any event attracting a large number of entries may be divided over a number of sessions or days, and a Final may also be held.

When are sessions held?

Sessions are held daily in the morning, afternoon and evening. Where possible, we have provided a tentative date for each event, based on our statistics over the last three years. These dates have been carefully compiled and are believed to be correct at the time of publication and any error or omission is regretted. However, we reserve the right to make changes if necessary. Please check our website: for regular updates.

When are Adult & Any Age events held?

Adult & Any Age events are mostly held on evenings from 6pm or weekends, although in some instances it may be necessary to use an afternoon.

What order do entrants appear in?

Random entrant numbers are generated by our system and entrants must perform in this program order except in circumstances approved in advance by Sydney Eisteddfod. 

Is the time on my appearance advice the time I will perform?

The time listed on your Appearance Advice may be for the start of the Session your event is in, or the Estimated Starting Time (EST) if there is more than one event within the Session. You must check your Appearance Advice and Festival eProgram for complete details of final timetabling.

What is 'EST'?

EST is the Estimated Starting Time for an event within a session - some sessions contain multiple events and/or divisions. An estimated time is provided as events/divisions preceding yours will vary in duration. An event with an EST will never start BEFORE this time.

What happens if I am late for the start of my event?

Unfortunately, if you arrive late and miss the registration with the Session Manager, and the Session Manager has publicly declared the event open, then you may perform at the end of your division for a 'comments only' report but you are not eligible for any prizes.

Where do I register when I get to the venue?

Please always ask for the Session Manager and register at their table at least 15 minutes before the start of your session or EST time (Estimated Starting Time).

How will I know when it is my turn to perform?

In general, all entrants will be called from the auditorium to the stage, including choirs and instrumental groups. Separate ‘warm-up’ areas may not be available. Groups will be sent specific instructions.

I can’t stay till the end of the competition. How can I get my report?

Please send an email to with your name, event number and entrant number and a digital copy will be sent to you. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive your report. There are times when event collateral remains at a venue and does not make its way back to the Sydney Eisteddfod Office for some period of time. 

I can’t stay till the end of the competition. How will I know who won?

You can look up the results on the website. They will be posted after midday on the following business day. 

Your performance

My item does not fit within the stipulated time limit. What will happen if I don't meet this requirement?

The performance duration listed for each event must be strictly adhered to. Time limits are strictly enforced and if you are over or under time you will not be eligible to receive a prize but will receive "comments only" on your report and no marks will be awarded.

My item is too long to fit into the time limit, what can I do?

Cuts are allowed to enable the item to fit within specified time limits. Where a printed score is submitted, for the adjudicator, please ensure the cuts are marked. 

Can I use a microphone?

All performances are acoustic (non-amplified) except where the use of microphones and amplification is clearly specified. Please see the General Rules & Conditions for more information. 

Can I perform with accompaniment?

Only piano is to be used for accompaniment except in dance or other events where recorded or other instrumental backing is expressly allowed.

An official accompanist will be provided for select events in the Classical Singing and Instrumental Solos categories (refer to individual events on our website).  Official accompanist names and contact details will be posted on our website in April and in the Festival eProgram. There is no accompanist fee charged for performances at these events with official accompanists, but fees will apply for rehearsals. Prior rehearsal is advisable and entrants should make an appointment as soon as possible once their Appearance Advice is received, as accompanists’ rehearsal availability is quickly booked out. Accompanists are not obliged to play poorly presented, difficult or illegible music at sight. Our recommended rehearsal fee is $45 per half hour. 

Will my USB be returned?

Recorded accompaniment, where allowed, must be on CD/USB, which will be returned to entrants. These need to be collected with the reports at the conclusion of each event. CD/USBs will only be kept for one week after the conclusion of an event after which they will be securely destroyed and recycled. Please refer to the USB Policy for more information. 

Will my sheet music be returned?

Photocopied sheet music will not be returned to entrants, except for printed published music originals that are marked with the relevant event and entrant numbers. Photocopied sheet music will be securely destroyed and recycled. 

Please also see the General Rule & Conditions for more information. 

Prizes and feedback 

Will I receive a written REPORT?

Following adjudication, written reports are available for every entrant. Reports are not written for Finals.

Will I receive a certificate or Medal for placing in an event?

Place-getters in age-appropriate events will receive a Commemorative Certificate and Medal (or Shield for groups) in addition to any cash award, where sponsored. Certificates are also presented to Highly Commended performers and Finalists.

I won a prize but there was no prize money, how do I get it?

Prize money is now payable via EFT. Those applicable are requested to supply their bank details no later than 1 MONTH after winning a cash prize. More information on this process will be sent to the Applicant via email, after the event. If you have not received an email within two weeks, please email to follow up. Cash Prizes need to be finalised no later than 30 September 2022 or MAY be forfeited.

PLEASE USE YOUR LEGAL NAME on the entry form, not a ‘stage-name’. Any cheques which have to be altered due to this circumstance will incur additional fees. Please refer to General Rules & Conditions 8 & 13.

I was in a group event that won a place. Can I get a shield or a certificate?

Extra shields, certificates or medals can be ordered by contacting Sydney Eisteddfod. A written request (email is preferred) should be sent to the Eisteddfod Office, listing the Event Number and Entrant Number together with the type and number of items requested.  We will contact you with cost and payment details.

Photos and Publicity

Is photography allowed?

Legal requirements prohibit private use of cameras or recording devices at Sydney Eisteddfod venues and events.

Can I purchase Sydney Eisteddfod photos? 

Professional Sydney Eisteddfod photos are available from Sydney Eisteddfod’s official photographers: WinkiPoP Media (

Does Sydney Eisteddfod want to know about my achievements?

Sydney Eisteddfod takes pride in your achievements and will always be happy to celebrate your success. All past and present entrants are part of the Sydney Eisteddfod family, so if you have been chosen to play the lead in your school musical or are making your debut at Covent Garden, email your news to: 

Does Sydney Eisteddfod offer other performance opportunities with other organisations?

Performance opportunities with other organisations or in the interest of Sydney Eisteddfod may arise from time to time. Another reason you should keep us informed of any changes to your contact details!

How do I get involved in publicity activities/activations promoting Sydney Eisteddfod?

Opportunities for entrants and past entrants to participate in additional activities to help raise awareness about Sydney Eisteddfod arise from time to time.  If you are interested in participating in promotional activities/activations or photo opportunities please contact