Sydney Eisteddfod



Coming from a Hip Hop background, Féras Shaheen has experienced different aspects of dance from being a performer, teacher, and a choreographer as well as a digital artist. He has developed his own unique style that includes technique from different styles of street dance. He has been competing and performing all over Australia and overseas.

One of his most recent performances was with Phly Crew at Phly Crew 2.0 Show. Féras was also a part of Hip Hop crew: ZBOYZ Mafia and competed in Las Vegas at the Hip Hop International in August 2016. Due to further training in 2016, Féras completed the Dream Dance Company Show | Business program directed by Marko Panzic.

Féras is also a certified visual artist with years of professional working experience in graphic design, photography and videographer. Féras believes that all his different interests tend to connect at some point in his creative process to assist him in his research and concept development. He currently creates performance pieces that combine various street dance styles and digital media content.