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Published: 09/06/2022 9:00am



This year, we have brought back to the stage thousands of performers like young Scarlett from Glenhaven Public School.

Sydney Eisteddfod is so proud to offer young Aussies the opportunity to get on stage and express themselves and we are passionate about continuing to do so in more and better ways!

Please donate to Sydney Eisteddfod.

 Help us make the next generation of young people’s DREAMS come true.

Ensure we keep giving them opportunities to PERFORM.

Assist them in ACHIEVING their goals – no matter what they are.

And INSPIRE them, to give anything and everything a go.

Donations to Sydney Eisteddfod are tax deductible.
Please donate before June 30.


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You get to be happy in the knowledge you are directly helping Australian young people pursue their passions.

All donations to Sydney Eisteddfod $2.00 and above are tax deductible and help to provide opportunities for performers of all ages and levels, to showcase their talents.

Your donation goes towards providing prize monies to inspire and encourage our winners across dance, singing, drama and music.

Senior Singer of the Year Award Winner for 2019, Siobhan Lynch says,

"The prize money I was so fortunate to have been awarded as winner of Senior Contemporary Singer of the Year, will allow me to continue my lessons and studies in the performing arts as well as enable me to attend performances of other artists to broaden my awareness and exposure to continue to grow and develop my personal skills and craft.

The Sydney Eisteddfod performance experience has provided me with the encouragement and confidence to continue on this exciting journey to see where it may take me in the future."

Send young performing artists to further their studies overseas.

 hyo in germany sml

Hyo Shimizu won 2019's Sydney Eisteddfod coveted Ballet Scholarship and is now using his scholarship money to fund his studies in Mannheim, Germany.



You're ensuring we have the best adjudicators to uphold the standard that people expect from Sydney Eisteddfod

Opera Scholarship adjudicator and distinguished opera singer Cheryl Barker AO said in a recent interview,

“It is so important that Sydney Eisteddfod continues to get the support of the sponsors because without that, a lot of these incredible voices will never get to be heard or have the opportunity to have a career.”

WE continue to produce the highest quality events, 

Putting on the highest quality events, at the best venues across Sydney, costs money. Without the love of our supporters we’d be out on the streets. SE do not receive any funding from the government to help pay our bills. Without your support, there is no Sydney Eisteddfod.

You are helping provide schools with the funds to further their performing arts programs.

With long standing partnerships such as with Optimum Percussion, Sydney Eisteddfod is proud to be able to offer our participating schools the means to purchase the instruments they need to continue to grow their musical programs.  

Be a part of a Child's development

Born profoundly deaf, brothers Henry and Rupert Hughes have broken through stereotypes and pushed the barrier of sound after receiving cochlear implants as young boys.

Encouraged to take speech lessons as a way to gain confidence and improve dictation, it was not long before Rupert and Henry impressed their teacher with their newfound skills and were urged to enter Sydney Eisteddfod.

Henry Says, “I have gained my speech and I have gained my confidence through Sydney Eisteddfod and with that I can do anything!” 

Henry and Rupert Hughes

IF YOU LOVE the arts, SUPPORT Sydney eisteddfod 

Sydney Eisteddfod is the premier Festival of its kind in Australia and has long been a pivotal source of information on performing arts opportunities for young Australians and those seeking to nurture talent in young Australians. Since its conception in 1933, over 2.5 million entrants have showcased their talents on Sydney Eisteddfod’s stages.

 Offering valuable scholarships and performance opportunities for Classical Singing, Contemporary Singing, Choirs, Piano, Instrumental Solos, Instrumental Groups, Speech & Drama and Dance, Sydney Eisteddfod is a critical stepping stone in a performer’s professional development.

For donations over the value of $1000 please call (02) 9261 8366
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