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The Dashwood Dance Trio!


Published: 10/12/2019 8:30am

Isobelle, Charlie and LilySophia Dashwood are three siblings who pretty much could dance before they could walk. For the Dashwood family, dance is in their DNA.  

A few years have passed, and the Dashwood kids are dancing their way through international competitionsscholarships and are working with professional ballet companies! 

The eldest of the three, Isobelle Dashwood, was Sydney Eisteddfod's 2012 Junior Classical Ballet Scholarship Winner. Now she's a dance professional with The Australian Ballet Company and this year, she was nominated for the Telstra Ballet Dancer Award as acknowledgement for her outstanding talent.

16-year-old Charlie Dashwood has performed with Sydney Eisteddfod since 2017, and this year was a  finalist in our Ballet Scholarship. After our finals, Charlie attended the Australian Ballet School on a two-week scholarship and has since been accepted for Level 6 at The Australian Ballet School (ABS) 2020.

LilySophia Dashwood has performed in Sydney Eisteddfod events since 2017, taking out First-place in our Wenkart Foundation Junior Ballet Scholarship last year. At just 13-years-old, she has this year won the Alana Haines Australasian Award in New Zealand (junior division) and been selected as a finalist for the Young American Grand Prix (YAGP) in New York 2020.

LilySophia gives Sydney Eisteddfod an insight into a typical day in the Dashwood household. 

An average day in our household is very busy considering majority of us dance. There is always a performance coming up and there is always costumes around and pointe shoes to be sewn! 

Charlie tells us how growing up in a family of dancers has helped each of them fully understand the demands of dance career  

"Having my older sister Isobelle in the Australian Ballet Company, I know how much effort and passion they put each day into maintaining a professional career... I’d love to have a career where I can do that each night on stage and be transported somewhere else with the audience. 

2019 CharlieDashwood  Charlie Dashwood. Photo: Amber Griffin

The achievements for this family never stopwith LilySophia winning the Frances Naylor Travel Scholarship in her age group division (totalling $7000) at the Victorian Ballet Teachers Workshop Competition this year, and Charlie also taking out the win for his section of the competition. 

Most of all though, Charlie can’t wait till he begins his training next year at the Australian Ballet School. 

“I am most looking forward to being surrounded by the amazing dancers in the company and having more boys to dance with... like my time at Sydney Eisteddfod - being with the other amazing competitors who continued to push me to be the best I could be”. 

2019 Isobellelonghair

Isobelle Dashwood. Photo: Taylor Ferné-Morris Photography 

Isobelle and LilySophia this year were given the opportunity to dance together in a Telstra Youtube clip after Isobelle was nominated for their Ballet Dancer Award. 

Having the opportunity to dance alongside my sister for this video was unforgettable and certainly an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my dancing career... The filming of this video was so exciting, and I loved being surrounded by so many people who work at The Australian BalletLilySophia tells us. 

 2019 LilySophia

LilySophia Dashwood. Photo: Winkipop Media (Sydney Eisteddfod) 

Next year in January, LilySophia is performing in Brisbane City Youth Ballet’s production of The Magic Faraway Tree as Beth. She is also taking up an offer from YAGP of a short-term scholarship to Zurich Dance Academy in Switzerland which will be a once in a lifetime experience. 

The three Dashwood’s will clearly be very busy next year and will be taking in their stride Charlie’s favourite piece of performance advice -"Be in the moment and soak up every second of stage time!"  

Isobelle, Charlie and LilySophia’s determination to achieve their dreams is truly inspirational and Sydney Eisteddfod can’t wait to see what they will each become!