85: Contemporary Vocal Duets (Any Age)

Video Submission Due Friday 19 November

Venue: Video Submission

Event Ages: Any Age

Event Type: Duo

Sponsored by
Petersham RSL Club

Status: Open

Own choice of one or more items. Excluding music theatre, e.g. song from any stage, pop/rock, screen or film musical (see Event 86).

Songs that were originally stand-alone pop tunes but are now featured in musicals would also qualify for this event.

Total Performance Time of up to 4 minutes, which includes time taken between items.

Live or recorded accompaniment allowed

Entrants may use backing instruments or CD (Please refer to Contemporary Singing Category Rules & Conditions Item 12).

Individual names of BOTH entrants - not A GROUP NAME must be sent at the time entrants send through their videos via email. Only those whose names appear in the email will be allowed to perform, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Eisteddfod Office.

Winner: $100
2nd: Medal
3rd: Medal

  • Contemporary Singing Category Rules & Conditions
  • General Rules & Conditions of Entry
  • CD & USB Policy
  • Video Submission Guidelines - General

Events close progressively as they become fully subscribed.

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Entry Fee: $105.00 Late Entry Fee