Endeavour Harmony 2017

Endeavour Harmony Chorus on stage at the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Championships showcase Choral excellence


Each year Sydney Eisteddfod attracts a huge range of talented Choirs from across the country, with the very best showcasing their extraordinary talent at The John Lamble Foundation Australasian Choral Championships.

In 2018 The Sydney Eisteddfod Australasian Choral Championship and The John Lamble Foundation Australasian Championship for Youth Choirs will be held on Sunday 24 June, at Sydney Grammar’s John Vallance Hall.  To qualify for the Championships, choirs must first compete and receive a place in qualifying events from the 2018 Sydney Eisteddfod. 

Sydney Eisteddfod Ex Officio Emeritus Chairman John Lamble AO said the level of talent seen at these events each year never ceases to impress him. 

“The John Lamble Foundation Australasian Choral Championships present some of the best choirs Australia has to offer. It’s inspiring to see so many choristers of all ages performing together under one roof” Mr Lamble said.

Sydney Eisteddfod wishes all participants of this year's Choral Championships the very best of luck with their performances!