Chelsea Dolman2

Chelsea Dolman. Photo: WinkiPoP Media

Chelsea Dolman on Opera


"Passionate, hilarious, heartbreaking, life changing"
- Soprano Chelsea Dolman, 2018 Finalist in The Sydney Eisteddfod Opera Scholarship

"Opera is the ultimate team sport. Each production brings together a unique group of extremely talented and passionate people from all walks of life, who spend months working towards a common goal - to create a living, breathing piece of art. It is steeped in traditions yet so malleable to the world’s current issues and trends. My mind is always blown by the genius of the artists and composers who have come before us and how their orchestral music has the magical power to transport people to a world of passion, moral dilemma, comedy and evil, in a way that Netflix or Lightbox never will. Live performance will always win over the senses in an very unexplainable way. What’s not to love?"